How Sean Doron Makes Tel Aviv’s Nightlife Lively in Israel

Tel Aviv is a city that never sleeps. The pumped-up adrenaline among residents allows them to party throughout the night. Most parties in nightclubs continue until the wee morning hours when it’s time to have breakfast in Israel. It shows that locals know how to party and appreciate good music. The main essence of these parties is the DJ playing incredibly trippy tracks. And one of the most renowned DJs in the city and Israel is Sean Doron.

Sean is now an internationally famous DJ who still loves playing in his hometown. He recently said, “No matter how many festivals I cover or countries I visit, there’s no place like home. Tel Aviv made me who I am today. And I will never stop playing here. it’s my home. and the best crowd I could wish for.

Sean and Stephan – the iconic pair in Tel Aviv nightclubs 

It took Sean nearly ten years to become a famous international DJ. He started playing in local nightclubs in 2007. Back then, Tel Aviv’s nightclubs weren’t as popular as they are today. They would only hire a new DJ instead of an experienced one during weekdays to cut down their costs. But things have changed now. Most nightclubs employ professional DJs every day because of the enormous crowd that turns up every night. 

Sean became a famous figure in Tel Aviv nightclubs right from the beginning. People would come to nightclubs where he would play. One of the audience members even wrote in a social media post, “We go to nightclubs just to listen to Sean.” It’s like they get the better of the crowd with his music. It doesn’t matter whether he plays during the weekend or weekdays; if we found that he is playing in Israel, we would reach the nightclub before they arrived.”

One of the reasons why Sean became a popular figure among nightclub visitors is he continually works on his music. He tries to play new tunes every time he visits a show. Sometimes, he even recreates his old songs on the spot when people request him to play a few of his old tracks like Cale Comte or Illuminati. He even gets support from top DJs like Marco Carola, Damian Lazarus, Solomun, Black coffee, and many more. 

The Israeli DJ runs various Monochrome events in Israel and outside the country. He even released many tracks on famous labels, such as Rebellin, Flying Circus, Moan, Bla Bla, and Inmotion. Most newbie DJs from Israel consider him as their icon. They are eager to follow in his footsteps by listening to his tracks and making a successful career in this industry.

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