How Selena Soo Turns Talent & Network Into Millions

One connection could change everything. This is how New York City’s publicity expert and marketing strategist Selena Soo sums up the origin of her success. She may have come from an already wealthy family, but it was never the arsenal she used to elevate herself to the levels of industry leaders, award-winning authors, celebrities and online stars, and other high-profile personalities.

Selena Soo’s ability to assemble people can be seen as early as her university days. She founded Columbia University’s first undergraduate conference on women in business, and was able to bring together 300 student leaders from over 30 college campuses across the country to learn from top female business leaders in different industries.

But it was her knack for earning the respect and trust of thought leaders that propelled her to become one of the most visible publicity and marketing experts. Here’s how she did it:


1. She focused on offering support.

Instead of asking for sales, Selena offered help. It’s one of her qualities that stands out from the pack. Her proactive involvement and genuine desire to help boost people’s businesses, and her valuable role as senior manager at Step Up Women’s Network, a nonprofit organization, led to reciprocated admiration and trust, which afforded her powerful testimonials such as that of inspirational speaker Danielle LaPorte’s, that would generate buzz and make her the go-to brand expert.

2. She turned her talent into business.

Selena’s passion for publicity work made it easy for her to share her expertise. In 2012, she held a $600 two-day workshop in New York with the theme, “Elevate Your Brand” which she promoted on Facebook and email. Out of all the Facebook posts and the 150 emails she sent, only seven people signed up.

This didn’t deter Selena from pursuing the business. Because she enjoyed the interaction in the workshop, and realized she earned more in two days than in a month with her usual retainer fee from a previous client, she felt comfortable doubling the price of the workshop. After all, the demand was still high. And she wanted to get feedback. 

3. She kept learning from mentors.

Even after a successful $1,200 workshop, Selena needed to learn more. After reading positive feedback from entrepreneurs, she joined a Mastermind Group run by business coach Monica Shah; a significant investment that helped Selena develop her business.

Elevate Your Brand soon became a two-month workshop that includes four one-hour calls and two Q&A calls with the members. The perks appealed to beginning entrepreneurs, and Selena was able to double her revenue and witnessed the value of group experiences. 

Selena Soo later took a course called Zero to Launch by author and entrepreneur Ramit Sethi who advised her to do market research. Her research included asking people if they are willing to pay a particular price for a specific course.

After connecting with ideal clients and paying close attention to the people’s responses, Selena came up with a six-month program that includes Q&A calls and 12 training sessions. She made $150,000 in six months when 50 people signed up.

With a big vision to reach the 7-figure level but overwhelmed on how to get there, Selena sought the help of launch expert Ron Reich. After monthly calls mapping out a plan together, they decided Selena would need affiliates to launch her new online course, Impacting Millions.

Soon there were 170 affiliates earning 50% commissions, who helped Selena double her email list and gained tens of thousands more new subscribers. Reich then suggested creating a sales team, and Selena went on to close more sales. Her goal of a 7-figure launch was hit. 

4. She knows where to promote her ideas.

With an army of affiliates promoting her and her products by way of blogs, newsletters, and all forms of digital marketing, Selena’s number of paying customers multiplied. Her well-targeted guest posts on influencers’ and entrepreneurs’ blogs also yielded excellent results.

She knows that sharing her knowledge in the tech entrepreneur space is different from how she should share knowledge in the coaches space, so her guest posts are unique and specific to an industry where her targets already hang out in. Selena values her interviews, especially when that leads to her getting featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, The Huffington Post, and Business Insider, among other credible websites and magazines.

With so many media outlets out there and so many stories you can pitch, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose sight of your target. But Selena knows to narrow it down to which media outlets actually make a difference. Podcasts, for one, is a great avenue to get known and be talked about.

Why? Because people who listen to 30-minute or even hour-long podcasts are already invested in getting better at their field. Not to mention that podcasts are hosted by influencers who already have a big following. It’s a double win. Some of the podcasts where Selena has been featured are Entrepreneurs on Fire, Women Inspired, and The SIGRUN Show.

Human connection is often underrated, yet whether it’s a large scale business or a cottage industry you’re in, it is the power of relationships that will advance you to 7-figure level. And there’s no one who leveraged human connection better than Selena Soo, who knew full well that tapping into her network will create a whole new world of opportunity for her.

Now with multiple revenue streams, Selena Soo continues to inspire people to break into their industry’s inner circle and position themselves as an industry leader. A perfect way to start becoming a household name is with a high-touch coaching support from Selena and her powerhouse team who will show you the fastest way to uplevel and create an impactful brand.

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