How Serial Entrepreneur Alan Beck Went from “Almost Dying” to Becoming one of the World’s Best Social Media Coaches.

Training over 100 hours per week at such a young age, Alan Beck was soon becoming one of the best dancers in the world, which won him a scholarship ( The only full-time scholarship given in the southern hemisphere) to dance with a New York company.

Two weeks before Alan was about to fly over to New York City to train; he injured his calves known as compartment syndrome.

Alan’s training was too much for his body at such a young age, which made his calf muscles grow too big for the fascia, which resulted in severe nerve pain.

One year later, Alan had to get surgery on both his legs which put him in a wheelchair for four months where he couldn’t walk, let alone go to the toilet.

Alan never recovered from his injury, which led him to learn about injuries and how the body works, so he decided to get his diploma of Remedial Massage and cert 3 in fitness and cert 4 in Personal Training.

Three years into his personal training, Alan managed to build up to over 100 students in his dance classes and build 3 Bootcamp businesses in Melbourne.

Alan was once again a workaholic as he loved helping others become better and was working over 100 hours per week with no days off.

In 2011 September, Alan contracted Glandular Fever which got worse and put him in bed for seven years.

Alan said the fatigue was that bad that he didn’t want to live anymore.

There were days where he couldn’t move in bed and wasn’t able to move his legs or even his fingers.

Alan lost his income as he couldn’t work.

He lost his savings which he spent on doctors and supplements.

He lost 99% of his friends, his girlfriend and his fitness.

Alan had much time on his hands as he lived in bed for seven years, and because he was so fatigued and sick, he knew he would never be able to go back to a 9-5 job, so he decided to learn how to make money online.

He studied everything from advertising, marketing, sales, social media, Shopify, e-commerce, scaling strategies, Facebook ads, YouTube marketing and everything that involved growing a business or making money.

Alan almost lost his life being in bed for seven years, but the strength Alan had is inspirational to not only me but to billions of people.

2011 – 2017

Alan couldn’t get out of bed, and when he did, a walk outside for 2 minutes was enough to put him back in bed for months.

His body was that fatigued; he couldn’t even eat food most days and struggled to move in bed.

Every day, Alan wanted to die as the fatigue and pain throughout his body was too much for him, and he saw no light at the end of the tunnel.

2017 – 2021

  • Book published on Amazon.
  • Created a membership website to help thousands of people recover from chronic fatigue
  • Built 6 Shopify stores. 4 of them made over $1,000 per day.
  • Worked with friends who were making $500,000 per month
  • Worked with 10+ people helping them reach over $1,000,000 with their e-commerce stores
  • Worked with hundreds of influencers and made many brands successful through marketing and better strategies
  • Helped multiple clients make over seven figures online
  • Worked with a company and helped them become the #1 fastest growing company in Australia, also winning an award for best social media marketing in Australia

So you might be asking, how can someone go from almost dying in bed for seven years to becoming a marketing and social media growth genius?

All Alan did while in bed for seven years was learn.

Alan lost everything so that’s all he could do.

He went through hundreds of different courses from the best coaches and marketers in the world.

He watched thousands of YouTube training and learnt from others who were number one in their industry.

Alan said it got to the stage where he was no longer learning anything, and even when he went through the latest guru’s course, he was left disappointed as the knowledge was always basic.

It was only basic as Alan went to another level with all the learnings he had done over seven years.

Working with many 7 figure brands and hundreds of influencers, Alan decided to start coaching influencers on YouTube and Instagram to use their social media following and turn that into a 6-7 figure per year business.

If you want to reach out to Alan Beck you can do so by following him on Instagram: or visiting his website at

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