How Shane Mitchell is Helping Small Resorts Survive During the COVID-19 Global Pandemic

Shane Mitchell is infected with wanderlust.

For Shane Mitchell, facing adversity is nothing new. The 23-year-old University of Southern California alum has been pursuing a career and as an entrepreneur long before he ever got his college diploma. During his time as a young entrepreneur, Mitchell has seen the rise and fall of different businesses. However, some of Mitchell’s most important work has taken place in the travel industry. 

Mitchell has spent a lot of time trying to change the travel experience for others by putting vacationers in touch with top resorts and hotels worldwide. He did this by crafting custom marketing campaigns tailored to each business’ needs. His campaigns helped hundreds of resorts get booked, leaving once empty resorts occupied. He completed many success campaigns while running 3 different agencies. His companies were Desire, TRAVL, and TraveL. TRAVL became Shane’s prime focus. While his main targeted clients were individuals resorts, Shane also worked with names like Marriott International, Hilton Worldwide, Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Four Seasons, and Brookfield Asset Management LLC. 

During his college career, Mitchell hustled hard on his business, traveling to a whopping 40 countries from 6 continents and promoting over 150 resorts at a global level. Shane’s experiences opened his eyes to the real needs in the travel business, and gave him memories he will never forget. These moments equipped Shane to become a vital resource for travel destinations across the world.

November of 2019 marked the discovery of the first known cases of COVID-19. By 2020’s start, most of the world was put into panic, and by mid-March of 2020, most businesses began to shut down. The pandemic put a huge damper on the travel industry, leaving empty flights and vacant hotel rooms. Even as the travel industry started to wither, Mitchell saw an opportunity for success. 

As people began traveling again, Mitchell made sure his clients were pushed correctly all across social media. Using target ads, reposts, and mentions, Mitchell started to reach people who were interested in traveling again. While his space for content creation was limited by travel restrictions, Mitchell gave his clients an advantage by marketing their resorts heaviest during this time. While many places were dangerous to visit, Mitchell was able to find pockets of destinations that didn’t pose as big of a threat to its visitors. He did this by carefully following along health reports. Once he saw an area’s threat to a travelers safety was slow, he began advertising resorts in the market.

While Mitchell hasn’t been able to help everyone during the pandemic, he’s helped a number of travel destinations stay afloat during an unexpected market crash. He’s now settled into his second career as Vice President of Marketing at Epione Medical Corporation, patiently waiting to get back out and travel again. He has high hopes for his future and hopes to be able to help more resorts get their feet back on the ground once the global pandemic comes to an end.

For more information on Shane Mitchell follow his social media @shane.mitch

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