How Shri Kuldeep Nikam Helps People Who Are Lost in Life With Dattaprabodhinee Pratisthan

The life that we live can come along with so many struggles and challenges, sometimes even all at once. However, many around us easily lose hope and give up along their journey halfway. This is certainly not the way one needs to go about in life. One must understand that life is a journey, it is to be walked and no matter the odds in the way, one must never lose hope, believes a spiritual and compassionate man named Shri Kuldeep Nikam. He is the brain behind the foundation of Dattaprabodhinee Pratisthan, a place that only gives more hope, more power, and more positivity to people.

Shri Kuldeep Nikam, to remain in trend with the changing times of the world also leveraged digital platforms and has his YouTube channel. He recently guided people on how they must find their true calling in life. He is truly a spiritual soul, whose presence and aura radiates true brilliance and magic.

Talking about how people can find their true calling, Shri Kuldeep Nikam laid out a few points to focus on:

Identify your true path

He says that identifying the true path is crucial for one’s growth. One must know and understand what they really seek in life and after realizing the same, walk towards the path to attain the growth they need in life.


It is essential for people to introspect and understand what their true thoughts and feelings are. Understanding and examining the same will make people more aware of their mental state and in the spiritual context will help them understand their soul. He says, “One who lies to himself is never a happy man.”

Do not live in the past

Shri Kuldeep Nikam also suggests people to not live in the past, instead focus on the present and look out for ways that can only make themselves better human beings.

He established Dattaprabodhinee Pratisthan in 2016 and since then is committed to his aim to guide the lost ones and encourage everyone to create a life for themselves that can give them more positivity and hope. Talking about how he found his calling, he says that he always felt he was different from others. Born and brought up in Thane, his interests were slightly different from that of his mates. He completed his education from Dr Bedekar High School but always took a keen interest in spiritual activities from his early days.

It was his mother Smt Sunanda Pradeep Nikam who took him to religious gatherings and as a young boy, he always enjoyed it. This led him to start reciting religious shlokas and got the opportunity to meet Sadguru, who gave him his Sushma Darshan. It is said that Shri Kuldeep Nikam was the only one who was bestowed with these divine blessings. All through these years, he has always followed his heart and that’s what has also helped him reach where he is today.

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