How Social Media Can Give Your Law Firm a Boost

Own a Law Firm? Social media is a must, here’s why:

Law Firm Social Media Marketing. (Image Sourced via: Austin Distel)

Did you know that 78% of lawyers maintain one or more social media profiles for professional purposes?

Social media is evolving and becoming more and more important by the day for small businesses. Platforms come and go but regardless the overall social media user base continues to skyrocket at all ages. Social media is now becoming a crucial part of every business. Own a law firm? Don’t fall behind. Here are a few reasons that social media will give your law firm a boost.

Build Your Brand

Building a brand is not easy. A brand is your identity, something everyone knows you for. To build a brand, you need to be consistent, deliberate, and straightforward. In owning a law firm, you need to create an identity surrounding your business by letting people know what you do, how you do it, and when & where they can find you.

Showcase Your Work  

As a law firm case studies are key! Showing off success stories you’ve undertaken is a great selling point when it comes to promoting your firm online. This way, prospective clients will be able to relate to similar problems and have confidence that you can help them with their unique scenario. 

Generate Trust and Brand Awareness

For a law firm, trust is everything. You cannot afford to have your clients doubting your every intention. Use social media as an outlet to generate trust and build brand awareness surrounding your firm. Whether that’s by asking clients for reviews or simply building a strong Facebook presence, brand awareness is crucial when it comes to clients looking for the right law firm.

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Written by Brendan Cox

Brendan Cox is a contributor at Influencive covering venture capital, entrepreneurs and startups out of New York. Connect with Brendan on Twitter at @iambrendancox

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