How Social Media Entrepreneur Brandon Keating Started a Canadian Travel Inspiration Empire During COVID

Social media platforms have been the primary means of escape for people across the world during the pandemic. With federal and municipal governments imposing limitations on social gatherings and traveling, more and more people are turning to social media as a distraction from the stresses of life. Since exploring the world in real life isn’t an option for many people, these people are instead choosing to explore the world virtually. This is how Brandon Keating found the opportunity to build his travel inspiration empire with “Explore the Province”.

Keating has always been a travel enthusiast and loves inspiring others to explore the world. For him, Canada has some of the best sights in the world, with its lush green forests, pristine beaches, and scenic mountain ranges. He enjoys sharing his experiences of traveling to different places and drew inspiration from those experiences to start his travel inspiration venture on Instagram with his two pages, @alberta and @quebec.

The forests, prairies, and mountains of Alberta helped inspire a sense of wanderlust in him, and the colonial buildings, narrow streets, and the imposing Citadelle of Quebec City have always captivated him and he wanted to share these experiences with others who would appreciate them.

Within a short period, his social media pages have received a huge positive response. His accounts have been inundated with messages from people thanking him for giving them a little respite from the difficulties of being stuck inside due to the lockdown.

With his breathtaking travel photographs, Keating was quickly able to gain a large following, and his social media venture started growing. This following allowed him to start his travel inspiration company called “Explore the Province”. He created two Instagram pages for this company dedicated solely to travel inspiration and photography.

Since then, “Explore the Province” has become a Canadian travel inspiration empire, garnering extensive attention on social media. Following the massive success of ”Explore the Province”, Keating has ventured into digital marketing as well. Thanks to the explosive reach that his content has achieved within a short time, several businesses have turned up to him for help with increasing the reach of their brands on social media.

Keating sees a bright future for his travel inspiration company. With more and more people feeling cooped up after the numerous lockdowns and travel bans, his Instagram pages @alberta and @quebec have been a source of relief to many. People love to explore the world virtually from the comfort of their homes and Keating is helping to make doing so more accessible.

Keating wants to present the most picturesque Canadian locations on social media, with the goal of inspiring people to explore the hidden beauty of the country. Tourism ground to a halt thanks to the pandemic, but with the new vaccines about to be released, the travel industry will soon experience an immense boom. Considering these upcoming opportunities and the increasing interest among people to travel for pleasure, Keating’s company ”Explore the Province” is poised to become even more successful.

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