How Sohail Hussain Leveraged The Power Of Social Media To Create A Profitable And Thriving Company

Sohail Hussain

The internet and social media have created countless opportunities for entrepreneurs from all over the world. Many individuals managed to reach levels of success through the power of modern technology.

Among these established people is Sohail Hussain who works in social media marketing and e-commerce. He currently owns multiple agencies and has a total net worth of more than $30 million.

His lucrative career started on Instagram where he realized how much monetary potential exists online. Sohail then grew his company by promoting it on the pages and websites of other companies.

Now, his agencies offer several online services including social media growth and advertising.

Despite being young, Sohail can proudly say that he and his company has managed to grow pages of over 400 pages and amass a combined total of over 30 million followers.

His accomplishments serve as a testament that finding a niche in any industry can become a profitable and successful venture.

Finding Clients

Even though Sohail has worked with hundreds of clients today, it’s no secret that finding the right people to work with posed a challenge during the early moments of his career.

But there was no giving up for Sohail. He persevered and used the power of social media to meet potential clients for his company.

“In this field, connections are everything. One tactic I often use in finding clients is to search for posts that use a specific set of tags and filter out the ideal clients to contact,” he shared.

Later on, this challenge would disappear as Sohail’s company became a popular and reliable brand.

With more clients already availing of his company’s services, the young entrepreneur plans to expand his network and client base to a total of 10 million followers and 100 concurrent clients in the next two years.

Keeping Them In Good Hands

To make sure that his company’s clients receive the proper treatment and are fully satisfied with their work, Sohail holds an active role by handling almost all the clients himself.

He would often provide clients with a one-on-one phone call to work out the details and avoid any misunderstandings or mistakes that could have repercussions.

But aside from being personally involved and active within his own company, Sohail’s participation stems from his belief in honesty and transparency. He’s not the type of person to sugarcoat facts with clients. Rather, he’s ready to keep them in the loop and tell them the truth even though it’s bad news.

This way, he manages to maintain a pure approach when doing business as well as increase the trust and loyalty of the clients.

Sohail Hussain has achieved great success through social media by entering a niche market–social media growth and advertising. But even though he’s at the top of his game, he remains humble and puts the best interest of his clients first, thus creating a brand that people can trust no matter what.

Learn more about Sohail Hussain through his Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok accounts.


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