How Stefan Thurairatnam Built His Social Media Empire

According to Stefan, building a social media audience is being true to yourself as an influencer. Understanding what you represent and what you want to showcase constantly is key to success on social media. Being an influencer is not a lifestyle choice but a career choice. Stefan is the founder of LuxVision Media Group, a thriving social media, and marketing PR firm.

Background Before Success

Stefan Thurairatnam, a luxury content creator, is the founder of LuxVision Media Group, a thriving social media, and marketing PR firm. Stefan has worked alongside numerous renowned brands such as Heineken Canada, Ritz Carlton, Beis and more. Stefan is currently living his dream life and best life.

He gets to travel the world and stay at the most luxurious hotels, while enjoying the beautiful planet, simultaneously virtually sharing the experience with his audience. His goal is to leave a legacy of being the first Southeast Asian, specifically Tamilian, in the world to be a luxury content creator partnering with some of the largest hotel brands in the world.

How Stefan Built A Significant Following on Social Media

  1. Passion

Upon taking the ambassador role offered by Gil Antoin, Stefan was able to reflect on his life. He turned his passion into a lifestyle and decided to start his company using his expertise and network to help others with their digital marketing and public relations needs.

By Stefan following his passion, he was able to start his company that is now thriving and can travel the world. He leaped faith about three and a half years ago, and he is now living his best and dream life.

  1. Working with Brands That Share Common Interests

As an influencer, Stefan only works with brands whose beliefs align with his mind. He continually collaborates with brands he wholeheartedly believes in that aligns with his.

Being a luxury content creator, most of his partnerships are with 5-star luxury hotels, resorts, and luxury brands. He has had the pleasure of working on unique projects such as Heineken Canada, Beis and many other well-known brands.

  1. A strong belief 

Stefan has assumed the belief and habit of living a minimalistic life- he does not take anything for granted and is happy with what he has. Tamil culture has influenced his survival in the most simplistic way.

By living a minimalistic life, he does not make rash decisions trying to be the best. He has diligently embraced the success journey, which shines him without his realization.

  1. A solid support system

The support from family and friends is another factor that contributed immensely to his success. People need help, encouragement, and inspiration from their loved ones to keep their motivation towards their goals. Many doubted Stefan’s choice, but his family firmly stood by him. His biggest supporter is his wife, who helps him with the creative process.


Passion can break you through the unimaginable. It has a tone of weight over the obstacles you’ll come through. Stefan amplifies the power of passion by affirming that it cannot lead you to regrets, and if you fail, you will have at least tried. Follow him on Instagram

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