How Stephanie Joplin Went From Live-Tweeting Sporting Events to Successful Business Owner and Podcast Host

Stephanie Joplin is a digital content creator and social media manager hailing from Houston, Texas. She is currently in production for her first podcast, The Luxury Dropout, which is set to launch in early September.

Joplin got her start in social media by live tweeting sporting events purely as a hobby in 2011, which evolved into a Houston sports blog. She later became a sports journalist and special reporter for outlets such as Fox Sports Houston and MMA Hawaii. Some of the highlights of her career include interviews with former Texans defensive coordinator Wade Phillips and famed Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion Renzo Gracie.

Instagram wasn’t always the strongest platform for Joplin. She states: “When Twitter died down in 2014/2015, I had an audience of around 8,000 and decided to try and move that momentum to Instagram. It has taken me quite a while to build an audience, as my focus has changed significantly from covering sports”.

At the time, Joplin was still working a demanding corporate job in the hospitality industry, and was unsure on how to continue growing her platform. Like many others, the COVID-19 pandemic greatly affected Joplin’s career, and in the summer of 2020 she was laid off from her corporate position, leading her to start her business and create Stephanie Joplin LLC in the fall of ‘20.

Her business is made up of two branches, with one focused on digital creation and social media management, while the other is The Luxury Dropout podcast that is currently in production. Joplin explains that the name comes from the “head-to-toe armor of high-end designer brands I used to wear, so others could not see how unhappy I was”.

In the past two years, Joplin has reassessed her priorities, and has been on a fitness and wellness journey, including classes, studying psychology, and overcoming her anxiety and trauma. She states: “I am finally at a place where I can support other women, which is my absolute dream. This lifestyle podcast will be geared towards women in their 20s and 30s who lead busy lives”.

Joplin has proven that hard work and dedication can make your dreams come true, and The Luxury Dropout is sure to strike a chord with many busy women who are looking to better themselves and relate to others who have been there before. Be sure to keep your eyes out for this podcast once it’s released in September, and you can hear more from Joplin and her latest projects at her Instagram.  


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