How Steven Berman and Marcela Iglesias Created EdgeCross-X, the Next Evolution in Fitness

Having skills in a certain area and working to make the most out of them is  valuable. That’s what Steven Berman and his wife Marcela Iglesias did when they created EdgeCross-X, a new training technique that is revolutionizing the fitness industry by leaps and bounds. 

From a young age, Steven has been involved in the business environment. At the age of 18, he started in the real estate world, and in a short time, he managed to stand out as an rising young man in the sector. However, he has always considered himself as passionate about the fitness world and different sports like motocross, skiing, snowboarding, and surfing.

That is why, in 2018, with the help of his wife Marcela, he is taking a step towards innovation in this area of physical well-being and taking traditional training to a higher level.

EdgeCross-X, a system based on Off-Balance Leverage Training, has quickly stood out since its creation, and it is a product that eliminates the excuses of time because it offers a complete workout in just minutes.

Taking Fitness to Another Level

For Berman and Iglesias, the main objective is to take techniques to a higher level so that people find more and more options while still seeing excellent results.

This training method provides the comfort of maintaining a routine at home with everything necessary to raise the potential of each person. Its efficiency is not only focused on the amount of time but the completeness of the system. That is, the body works effectively in a fast and safe way, from home.

Thinking Big

Berman and Iglesias have always characterized themselves as a team. To a great extent, this formula of teamwork and maintaining the focus on advancing, innovating, and offering quality in their training systems, is what has allowed them to harvest the results to this day. 

EdgeCross-X is recognized in different aspects and even by experts in the world of fitness, thanks to its innovative feature and the scope in terms of health and body wellness.

“We are doing something great,” says Berman, pointing out that each process was done with effort, dedication, and passion for the environment where they work every day with great perseverance to provide the best.

A Difficult Road

Berman claims that the path to his goals has not been easy. He claims that his dreams were kept under construction for a long period from which he felt that he would not get out in time. However, he never gave up because he was sure of his potential and that, at the right time, he would be able to advance towards his goals.

Berman says that, although the fitness industry is a completely new business in the professional field for him, it is a world that has always attracted him and in which he has previously prepared himself with the discipline to be able to work on the results that he is now building with his wife.

He emphasizes that, even today, the hard times have not stopped. With the recent expansion of the COVID-19 pandemic, they had substantial delays in the execution of their training product. However, he assures that the desire to achieve his goal did not allow him to give up at any time.  

“What keeps me going, I’ve always had a dream, and it’s powerful. No matter how many times I get knocked down and want to give up, giving up and giving up my dream would be 1000 times more painful than the fall.”

Part of the Journey

For Berman and Iglesias, falling in any facet is simply part of the journey. It’s your willingness and desire to continue on top of it that will drive you forward every time you set your mind to it. “You have to stay focused and never doubt your dream.”

“Success doesn’t come overnight,” is a phrase that Berman keeps in mind as he continues to strive for his family’s dream.

Today, this powerful team is working on the promotion and distribution of EdgeCross-X in different countries around the world. Making a difference and opening the way, stopping what others do is one of the things that move them, and with discipline, perseverance, and determination, they will surely succeed.

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