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How Terry Maxwell Used Traffic From a Viral Video to Grow His Brands Exponentially

Here’s an outstanding example of the power of social media marketing.

Today’s online world is more connected than ever. When it comes to a culture driven by social media, digital marketing becomes crucial for personal brands and businesses. With new methods of digital marketing being popularized on a regular basis, creative marketing strategies are essential to bringing your business to the next level. In the case of entrepreneur Terry Maxwell, a moment in the spotlight of a viral video gave the chance for a rare marketing opportunity. Capitalizing on this, Terry has been able to grow his brands exponentially.

Terry Maxwell took his first major steps into his business ventures while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. During his studies, Terry started running a prepaid Boost Mobile phone service, as well as starting up a smoke shop that sold pipes and other smoking accessories. Experiencing early success, Terry would end up moving his smoke shop online, and after finishing his higher education, Terry hit a major financial boost due to successful investments in bitcoin. After cashing out on his investments, Terry decided to move out to Miami, Florida, where hidden opportunities awaited him.

Terry would go on to meet up with a young twitter star, Lil Esco 28, while in Miami. Lil Esco is known for being the main character in a Twitter video that went viral last year. Terry’s moment of fame came from a new viral Lil Esco video that the two made together in which Terry is seen at the end waving and saying, “Hey, how’s it going?”. The video quickly amassed well over 7 million views, and Terry has since used the momentum from the video to brand himself into a public figure. He’s even used one of Apple’s popular emojis of a guy waving as a symbol of his personal brand.  

Terry has been able to funnel traffic from the viral video to his personal brand and his businesses, enabling the young entrepreneur to grow at an astounding pace. Just months after the viral video, Terry has grown his personal brand to almost a quarter of a million followers on Instagram alone.

In addition to his personal growth, Terry runs a CBD processing company called M6 Labs, and another brand called Nobel CBD which focuses on white labeling and brand development. He also continues to help run his family finance business, WebFinanceDirect. Through his large exposure on social media platforms, Terry is able to bring new clients to his businesses on a regular basis.

Terry Maxwell is a great example of what can happen when an entrepreneur makes the most of an opportunity. Capitalizing on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, he has used his viral following to grow his career exponentially.

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