How the Euro Tan Became one of the Most in Demand Tanning Products on the Market

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Everyone loves a good tan, especially during the summer months when the earth’s orbit is just in the right spot for the sun to send heat waves onto sandy beaches and refreshing pools. Skin colors differ worldwide, but one thing that most people look forward to during the summer is getting tan.

We all know how important it is to care for our skin throughout the year, no matter how much melanin we produce. Protecting our skin from sun damage is essential, but how does one get a tan and care for their skin simultaneously?

The Euro Tan answered that question and provided us with a skin-conscious solution to get the best of both worlds. Even more comforting is knowing that the Euro Tan is all-natural and meant for application after sunscreen use. Meaning, you can keep the safe tanning regimen of applying SPF sunscreen on your skin, and later applying the Euro Tan Tanning Gel helps your skin produce the melanin it needs to get your tan on while protecting your skin cells and having fun in the sun.

We know this sounds brilliant but too good to be true almost. You may be wondering how this company was able to pull it off and what people who are enjoying the product are saying about it. Keep reading to discover more about how this product reached the top of the tanning product chain. 

Most tanning companies offer services like tanning salons with beds, sprays, and products that provide quick tanning solutions. Fake tanning isn’t precisely tanning, though, and it doesn’t work well on some people. The faux tan look doesn’t have much of a good rapport with its previous users, and truthfully it’s outdated. 

The Euro Tan came on the market in 2018 when Australian female entrepreneur Tugba Mimi discovered a great way to give people the European tan they enjoy while simultaneously protecting the skin from the hazards known to come from widely known tanning options. Specifically formulated with the active ingredient, Beta-Carotene, the cruelty-free and Aussie-owned brand, became the widely known way of tanning smarter. 

Other tanning solutions like tanning oils and lotions aren’t safe for the skin, and continuous use has proven dangerous for skin cells and leads to skin cancer. Most people make their tan happen by enjoying the sun in moderation, but this doesn’t eliminate the sunburns and redness that many fair-skinned individuals experience regularly. Many of us can remember a day in our lives where the fun in the sun turned not-so-fun because we didn’t have the right resources to protect the skin that covers us. 

With products being sold all over the globe, the Euro Tan now offers several products for safely getting a bronze glow. Formulated for all skin types and generating a lot of buzz in the media, the Euro Tan has helped many to achieve a faster, darker, and safer summer glow no matter where they are located on the map. 

To learn more about the Euro Tan and how to order your Tanning Gel, visit their website. This company is both environmentally friendly and health-conscious. You don’t want to miss out on protecting your skin and truly enjoying the fun that the summer sun brings. 

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