How the Sportable App Is Helping Athletes Stay Fit and Social During COVID-19

During the last 6 weeks of lockdown within the United States, small and large media outlets have posted numerous videos of athletes creating innovative workouts and means to stay healthy. This includes makeshift weights, unique workout machines, and even completing marathons in small spaces like driveways, balconies, and treadmills. 

Americans are resilient, creative, and social; what pulls all of these things together is the connection to fitness and wellness, and ultimately a connection with each other. 

Staying Safe

As the weight of our new reality sets in, it becomes more imperative that people follow Social Distancing guidelines to keep themselves and others healthy. But how do you keep yourself physically active and healthy while protecting others from the spread of the Coronavirus? 

Luckily, there are a lot of resources that provide tips and guidelines, and Sportable has been collecting articles from all media and publishing them within its own social network to open its users to this information. The Sportable Team frequently posts articles from leading running, biking, and swimming publications showing how athletes can maintain a healthy and safe fitness regimen during this tumultuous time. Posting weekly and sometimes daily updates to help its users stay active while staying safe is a core value in Sportable’s mission.

Staying Healthy

To limit the spread of the virus, athletes are limited to at-home fitness schedules and fitness applications. Sportable provides its user base a variety of Sports App connectors to help pull all fitness and activity data into a single location. Sportable supports connectors to Peloton, Apple HealthKit, MapMyFitness (which includes MapMyRun, MapMyWalk, MapMyRide, and MyFitnessPal), Strava, Fitbit, ClassPass, Mindbody, and Active.

“The integration between the Apple Health app allows me to sync my activity that my Apple Watch tracks to Sportable. Sportable not only lets me track my goals via the Bucket List functionality, but also allows me to share my goals and results with friends and family.” – Seth (Male, 25)

Whether running around your neighborhood (or balcony) using Strava, taking a walk using Fitbit, spinning on Peloton, or taking a virtual Mindbody class, Sportable has you covered. By simply pressing the “Connect” button and entering your credentials, you can pump all your real-time and historical workouts into Sportable to monitor and track your progress and prevent any further fitness atrophy. And with features like Medal Rack and Bucket List, you can organize and share all your accomplishments and goals with your friends, no matter how distant you may be.

Staying Connected

Staying physically healthy is extremely important during any quarantine, but staying mentally healthy is also a primary focus. Enter Sportable’s network that promotes encouraging and empowering connections to help athletes stay focused and informed. The app’s Starting Line Search and Messaging features allow users to keep close connections to one another when Social Distancing is in order. 

“It is a great way to set goals and track them. The information from all my sports apps are located in 1 area and I especially use it to compare training sessions with friends (which has definitely kept us motivated during quarantine).” – Debbie (Female, 39)

The Sportable app’s easy-to-use interface, seamless integration with third-party sports applications, and unique networking and messaging features are a necessity for novice and experienced athletes alike to stay safe, healthy, and connected during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “Athlete’s Social Network” is staying true to its mission of delivering a safe place for users to connect, collaborate, encourage, and empower while delivering an arsenal of “must-have” features to keep home-bound athletes focused and motivated.

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