How These Beauty Entrepreneurs Are Conquering Their Industry

When Jenna Meek and Jess Hunt visit social media, they do more than just browse. And that’s not a typo. Both of these entrepreneurs are responsible for the brand REFY. Glamour magazine notes that REFY is a kit that allows one to sculpt their brows professionally.

When these girls were looking at the beauty market, they realized a distinct gap in offerings for brow sculpting. As a pair of highly-motivated fashionistas themselves, they set out to solve this problem, coming up with REFY as a result. Now, people worldwide know the brand thanks to skillful marketing that has everyone talking about how easy their product is to use.

Meeting The Entrepreneurs

Jess Hunt’s Instagram page has a whopping 1.3 million followers. Each time she hypes the brand, many of these followers take her advice and pass on that information to their own social network. Thanks to her leveraging the power of social media, she’s managed to make the brand a recognizable name, not just among regular people but also celebrities.

Jenna Meek is no stranger to business, having founded Sharing (previously, The Gypsy Shrine). The experience she got from founding and running that business came in handy to help her get her feet under her and allowed her to turn REFY into the powerhouse it is today.

Instant Success

The modern beauty market is explosive. According to Business Insider, in 2019, the global beauty market was worth a massive $532 billion. These young business owners made a splash onto this competitive industry in their first release of REFY in November 2020, and the first run of their product was sold out within the first six weeks.

The restock that happened on the 29th of January this year saw 15,000 orders filled within the first hour of operation alone. Even in a fast-paced and popular-sensitive market as beauty, those numbers are impressive for a small business. Thanks to the brand’s popularity, both Jenna and Jess are in talks with large brands to serve as distributors for their products.

Find a Need, Fill a Need

As with most entrepreneurs, these young women saw that the market lacked something and knew they could do something about it. The product came from a bit of thought on what they would want themselves. As with most successful entrepreneurial products, they focused on something they were unsatisfied with and made it better. Based on their sales numbers, it seems that they aren’t the only ones who wanted such a solution.

A Challenge for Young Business Owners

Being this successful at such a young age may be something many people aim to be, but it has its own pitfalls. After getting to this point, it’s hard to duplicate this level of success. For young people, it can be challenging to understand the importance of money and its role in maintaining long-term success.

These young women seem like they know how to find the pulse of the beauty industry, however, and REFY might be the latest addition to Dermani Medspa franchising allowing them to tap into a massive, ready market. Only time will tell if their success will continue to grow.

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