How This 21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Uses Social Media To Revolutionize Your Business’ Sales

2020 has been filled with challenges and opportunities alike, with many ambitious entrepreneurs and businesses recognizing the niches begging to be filled with the increasing shift to digital trading and services. Though the demand for connectivity is great, not many of these ideas have the space or foundation to grow and thrive under these conditions. eGrowth Media, a UK based marketing agency, helps many established and developing businesses make the transition to the digital sphere, connecting brands to their audiences and increasing profits through through the effective use of social media tools.

eGrowth Media was founded by award-winning entrepreneur Joe Taylor. At only 21 years old, this driven, young businessman has found much success utilizing his background in social media management, implementing and promoting events. Fresh out of college, Joe’s events business grew to 4 employees within its first year operating and was already making waves in the corporate sector, securing contracts with established UK institutions including PA Hub, the Royal British Legion and BT.

In 2020, Taylor used the changing global economic situation to refocus his goals after the lockdown crippled the events industry. Joe decided to reinvest into himself, receiving mentoring and training from one of the UK’s top advertising specialists, Jordan Platten. Joe incorporated all of his wisdom and experiences into his already developed skillset and launched eGrowth Media with the mission of making a one-stop shop for all things social media, putting the extensive tools and strategies for growth in the hands of small, ambitious businesses.

eGrowth Media operates primarily within the real estate sector, helping property investors and developers to generate more leads online, but they also work with small businesses and entrepreneurs who are looking to increase their online visibility, develop their brands and connect with their niche. eGrowth Media achieves this through the use of specialized Facebook and Instagram advertising strategies, effective email marketing, custom content generation and social media management services. They implement results-based strategies that ensure higher conversion rates and guarantee return on investment. The wide range of services offered by eGrowth Media allow them to operate as a comprehensive resource for businesses of any size to grow further, from established brands looking to expand into new markets, to brick and mortar stores looking to establish their digital footprint. 

With eGrowth Media‘s successes after less than 6 months of operation, Joe is set to scale eGrowth to consistent 6 figure returns over the next 12 months. He also has just co-founded a property investment named Eaton Taylor. Taylor is constantly honing his craft as a strategist and entrepreneur. When he is not developing new business ideas and strategies for providing value to his clients, he offers up personal insights and experiences on the podcast that he hosts, “Diary of a Young Entrepreneur” where he highlights issues that young business owners face, and dives into the understanding of entrepreneurship, meeting many talented and motivated people in their field.

Joe’s penchant for online connectivity has solidified him as a results-driven businessman and rising star to watch in the UK business sector.

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