How This Entrepreneur Changed His Life and Wants to Help Yours Too

Sigurd Vedal’s story is one of intrigue that motivates others on their respective paths to success. All entrepreneurs go through their trials and tribulations, and Vedal’s narrative is no different. Currently the founder and CEO of several ventures including Digisec Media and his Marriage Boosters and Life Coach brands, he has come a long way and wants to help others seek out the best in themselves by sharing his own experiences and life lessons.

“I want to create an impact on people’s lives,” Vedal says. “Are people happy or not happy? The answer is always related to work or relationships.”

Learning about relationships came from Vedal’s own struggles. All of the characteristics to build the flames, learn triggers, and develop self-help programs are derived from his more than 35 years of experience and what they taught him.

Overcoming Obstacles in Life

Born in Kansas City, Missouri, Vedal has dual nationalities as an American and citizen of Norway. His father, who moved from Norway to Chicago to pursue his engineering studies, ended up playing jazz in the windy city with the likes of Miles Davis. His dad eventually began working for NORAD in 1974, which prompted them to live in Africa until 1979.

Sigurd later spent one year in the Norwegian military per their government curriculum for citizens before working with computers and selling products to Pixar — the legendary animation studios owned by Disney. Eventually, he decided to move into sound studio work, where he built his own studio and started a business which ultimately failed and left him broke and jobless by the age of 30.

He soon earned a job from a referral by his cousin to produce sound at NRJ as a program director with its French owners. “It was at that moment that I discovered my ability to create multi-language strategy proposals due to my background working with morning shows, content, and angling things for consumers for radio,” he says.

Seemingly on his ideal career trajectory, Vedal’s father passed away, which became an awakening for him to move on in his life to find a bigger purpose. He quit his job and flew to Egypt in 2010 without any expectations, seeking soul-searching despite having no income and children to take care of.

Before long, in November 2010, Vedal launched a dating website, sparking the run into success that would change his life forever. Several more dating websites sprang up under him, and he expanded into software products, transitioning further into developing applications directly.

“A few years later, I sold that company for 54 million Euros,” Vedal says. “I recently had launched an online casino, started a social media agency under my name, and hired others to run those companies allowing me to focus on more passionate projects.”

Those projects were his Life Coaching and Marriage Boosting branded companies, which have become the focus of his current path on seeking ‘even more purpose.’

Life Coaching and Marriage Booster

Despite repeated studies over the years that reveal most people are unhappy at work and increasing numbers are unhappy in their marriages, people remain hesitant to seek out help or life coaching.

Many people view life coaching and other self-help programs as ‘useless’ or ‘get rich quick’ schemes, but the prevalence of success stories often proves otherwise. For Sigurd, the focus is more on approaching people with different personality types and assisting them to better themselves.

“In reality, they ‘cure themselves’ and my role is to help them execute a plan by assigning tasks,” he says. His trajectory as a life coach has inspired many others and accommodated them in conquering their fears, focusing on being positive and overcoming inhibitions and internal grief.

“I coach people about what it takes to be a positive, successful human being,” Vedal says. “In other words, think about what you appreciate such as ‘I’m alive!’, ‘I’m not sick!’, and ‘I am


Vedal views people through primarily three prisms: the ‘Critic,’ the ‘Talker,’ and the ‘Do-er.’ He uses these perspectives to help identify signaling that is projected from each type, emphasizing actions and executing an agenda without your mind sabotaging the energy, direction, or focus that you seek.

His inspiration to others has propelled him past 100k Instagram followers after only beginning with 10k in December 2018. And his efficacious impact on others is not strictly limited to workplace happiness and general life coaching either: he also stresses the importance of relationships.

Sigurd, who has been divorced himself, says that he is fascinated by relationships and the explicit ‘code’ he identifies with finding success in them. “There are a recipe and mechanics around loving relationships,” he says. “I call the execution of the code ‘time-clocking,’ ensuring that time is dedicated to each person in the relationship.”

Vedal recommends at least two hours per day based on the emotional needs of the partner, citing that an ‘equal system’ is necessary for long-term balance. His ‘Marriage Booster’ brand is his most recent endeavor that has served marital relationships between newlyweds in their early 20’s to working with couples in their 60’s and 70’s.

Vedal’s coaching and relationship brands involve interactive calls, converting those calls to content, coaching people on forums, and creating ‘social proofs.’  Influenced by his own life experiences, Sigurd Vedal ultimately finds pure joy in helping and inspiring people, particularly relationships.

“Couples have the ability to cure the negatives with the correct knowledge-base,” he says.

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