How This Impact Expert Helps Individuals and Businesses Transform During Uncertain Times

Impact coaching expert Sara Simmonds is unlocking the unique part of each founder, brand + business and providing tools to align with purpose. She is launching the first series of Your Real Power is Your Impact Coaching Program globally January 28th 2021, which transforms individuals and businesses into hero products with supercharged impact in less than 12 weeks, providing a complete overhaul for the new purposeful, direct and digital age.

She says, “My new program literally transforms clients from confused and lacking clarity on how to pivot to being unique, purposeful, direct and digital. The biggest problem is people lack CLARITY AND FOCUS on what makes them unique; there are too many choices, we are overwhelmed, and people need outside expertise to guide them, hence why this is a McKinsey style management consultancy for individuals, brands, and businesses. The program provides leadership, structure, alignment, and essential tools and strategies for how to make a supercharged impact. Having a great product is 20%, knowing what is unique about you and your brand is another 30%, the other 50% is how to build your personal brand into a digital + direct to consumer strategy, and having a PLAN – YPY offers your own brand legacy roadmap for members to follow to build supercharged impact.”

Simmonds pivoted after a 10-year career as a top fashion buyer running a £100 million business, to make a difference and turn passion into purpose. She built the first award-winning, fully sustainable designer clothing line in 2007 and in 2015 launched her first direct-to-consumer platform to sell the world’s top conscious brands to clients achieving 100% year-on-year growth. This year, Simmonds has launched YPY impact-Driven Business Coaching, a 12-week signature YPY transformation program to women who want to make an impact across the globe, and hosts her Power Talks TV show. Her power talks with industry leaders on IG center around thought leadership and how to live with purpose.

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