How This Law Firm is Making Online Business the New Normal

In May this year, TropicaLaw firm was born in the middle of a global health crisis. Motivated by the concept of offering legal services online in order to protect both the client and legal team from the risks presented by COVID-19, TropicaLaw joined the line of Legaltech to make the idea a reality.

Managed under the watchful eye of Rébecca Alexandra Yeye, the legal professional holds a master’s degree in business law. Acquiring professional experience in business and law firms in locations such as Guadeloupe and Paris, her main mission now is to maintain commercial relationships through legal mechanisms. Specialising in business, the company offers advice on contract law, trade law, and banking and financial law. 

She believes that professionals will find themselves increasingly in need of legal advice as business environments continue to grow in a digital sphere. She noted, “We as humans are inevitably confronted with the use of new technologies whether in our places and work or in our private lives. We spend goods and services which are, for the majority, computerized, robotized or even existing through artificial intelligence.

“The third industrial revolution will be recognized by the personal data of internet users, as the black gold of our century for the majority of legal and legal practitioners, but also professionals of the digital sphere.”

By reducing in-person contact with clients as much as possible, all correspondence is carried out either via the internet or post. “Dematerialization is the basis of the concept,” she explains.

The firm is taking full advantage of the potential capabilities of a firm that is operating completely online, such as USB or cloud data storage, categorized digital libraries, electronic signatures on all documents and cryptography, the method of protecting communications through the use of codes.

Potential collaboration opportunities offered by the firm also extends to legal advice and training, financial analysis studies and working with other law firms. Going forward, next year will see the production of a special series for clients on Yeye’s French podcast series Legally Sunny so they can brush up on the legal advice being offered to them while going about their daily lives, for example during exercise and travel.

As working from home, fewer commutes and less time spent in the office is becoming the new norm worldwide, there’s no reason why businesses offering legal services cannot operate in the same way. By taking full advantage of the benefits offered by online business, this not only keeps correspondence efficient and quick, but safer for all parties. 

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