How This Mom Turned Her Post-Natal Anxieties Into a Platform for All Mothers

When Rupal Srivastava gave birth to her daughter Mishika in October 2017, she decided to create a blog to document everyday motherhood. At that time, she had no idea it would turn into a fully-fledged platform for other mothers to connect with her and learn from her informative articles. 

Starting as a way for her to vent about the separation anxiety she experienced from her three-month-old after returning to work, Totally MOM-sense now acts as a resource as well as a  platform for her to write about her own experience with motherhood. Born and raised in India, the Buffalo-based blogger who came to the US for her graduate studies had no idea that she was breathing life into her website that would turn into so much more. 

Growing the platform from the ground up, as a new mom she also juggled a full-time job, something lots of parents will be able to relate to. She says, “Writing helped me calm down to a great extent and feel happy.” The blog has completely transformed from those early days, gaining momentum and touching thousands of mothers who share a common goal: to raise happy children and enjoy the motherhood journey to the fullest.

Srivastava says, “Writing on the blog helped me discover my real true passion of helping moms to make their mom life easier.” By connecting with mothers worldwide, she hopes to offer support to moms going through similar challenges that she faced in the early stages of becoming a mom, from parenting issues to mental struggles. “I hope that they find solutions to all the questions that they are looking for,” she says.

A mechanical research engineer by profession, Srivastava’s blog covers everything from motherhood wins and struggles, tips on breastfeeding, how to enjoy motherhood, and even activities for kids to do at home. She explains, “When it comes to motherhood, I have a very simple principle, ‘Happy moms raise happy kids.’ ” But parenting isn’t always a straightforward and happy journey for all mothers, and Srivastava’s blog even offers guidance on postpartum healing, as well as tips to enjoy family life to the fullest, and how to keep a positive attitude towards parenting. 

The blog really covers all bases, also offering printable healthy recipes that are suited for family and friends. She emphasizes that her aspiration is for her “little corner on the web” to connect moms going through challenges that she has been through. “I am hopeful that this little blog will serve them right and they find answers to the questions that they came here looking for.”

Even collaborating with brands and resources now, Srivastava’s blog, which has a tagline of “Making mom life easier,” continues to help women around the world on their parenting journey.

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