How this Powerful BIPOC Woman is Transforming Online Sales with Christina Connects

As the world propels into a more diverse community and the online sphere widens, change in the sales approach is imperative. Christina Melgar embodies this as a BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of Color) Hispanic-Native American female working in the online entrepreneurial industry. Melgar has created Christina Connects to teach online service providers that their voice can be used as a lead generation tool through her fantastic approach to relationship building and diversifying sales.

Melgar started out as a college dropout and became a working actor, yet most people were hesitant to believe in her abilities and undermined her talent and hard work. Her career progressed in the hospitality industry and she then utilised her entrepreneurial nature to become a freelance event manager for up to 10 000 people. However, as Covid-19 began to worsen, her career changed again and she began to further explore her passion of relationship building as she noticed that many business owners are burnt out and have no energy to nurture connections with their clients. 

In September of 2020 Melgar founded Christina Connects, booking out in only 5 weeks and has since revolutionised her life. She has Increased sales up to 200% and turned her 60 hours a week of work for 38k into 25 hours for 65k, earning more than most of her counterparts with a college degree, not to mention doing something she loves and including minority groups in her work. 

As both a woman and a person of colour, Melgar is dedicated to diversifying the lead generation and ensures the hiring of other indigenous people of colour and the LGBTQIA+ actors in sales. Her clients are also a diverse group despite her target being coaches with high ticket offers as she boasts both a client who owns a farm and another who owns a Virtual Assistant agency. Her clients have been able to reach their most visionary goals, with one client achieving an income of 70k one month after hiring her.

Melgar is able to assist her clients in reaching their goals with her own personal experience in goal setting, with her most recent aim being to become a 6-figure female entrepreneur. Her personalized approach to clients also helps them to achieve what they aspire to with regard to their online businesses, which is undertaken through social media. She sends personalized messages and scripts to high ticket leads with a 76% response rate. 

The online space, for Melgar, involves an online presence that she not only teaches to clients but also demonstrates with her own social media accounts, including her Christina Connects website and instagram. The use of social media creates what Melgar describes as an ‘organic lead gen’ when combined with her personal developed sales process including her love of relationship building. She helps coaches to build trust with clients one follower at a time and how to nurture representation in their careers.

Christina Connects is the perfect idea for the lead generation with its emphasis on the online realm and on relationships and trust as the two are rarely combines. Melgar’s passion for diversity and success can be attributed to one another, creating a brilliant business.

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