How This Social Media Comedian Is Taking Over Instagram

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I’ve been following Adam Waheed online for quite some time and have had the pleasure to really get to know him outside of his thriving online presence. Adam really owns his craft and embodies what he does while turning it into a stream of income. I had the chance to sit down with Adam and really dig out 5 tips that anyone can apply when building out their career online or off.

5Know When You Can’t Do It All Yourself

Adam readily admits that he has disappointed people. He recognizes that, in these situations, “I attempted to do everything by myself.” Acknowledging when you need help is a critical skill for business and for real life. Forming a team that aggregates everyone’s strengths and skills is far better than over-promising and under-delivering.

4Strategy and Tactics Are Everything

Like it or not, you’re in the middle of an enormous chess game. Strategy is what you want to do to achieve a goal, and tactics are the moves you make to get there. You need to know that, when dealing with adversaries, or sometimes even allies, “…every move is calculated and you must be cautious of that when trying to achieve/maintain a specific brand,” as Adam puts it. You also need to calculate your every move, keeping your methods and your medium-term and end goals in mind. Don’t act rashly, and don’t react emotionally or instinctively. Always assume that your rival is acting with ulterior motives in mind.

3. Be Curious

Adam taught himself how to shoot, write, edit, and direct. This was a not a function of necessity; instead, it was something he did because he was passionate about making content. If you are not curious about how to do things, then your passion will only bring you so far. Much of innovation involves pushing against the boundaries of what is known, and to do that effectively, it is critical to continually expand your knowledge and skills.

2Don’t Do It If You Are Not Passionate About It

In keeping with number three on this list, if you are not passionate, you can only go so far. Think carefully about what you are doing and how it makes you feel. If it is something you live and breathe for, and that you can spend months at a time fully immersed in without getting bored, then that sounds a lot like passion! However, if you are doing something just because it seems profitable, or because others say you are good at it, then reevaluate your priorities.

1Making People Laugh Is Empowering

For Adam, the ability to make people laugh is empowering and central to his brand. Yet, the broader impacts of this dynamic apply even to jobs that are not, strictly speaking, humorous. Finally, remain aware of the absurdity of life. Success is serious, but it is critical to take a step back and laugh at things every now and again. Without a sense of humor, you will find it much harder to remain resilient in the face of adversity. If your team can keep laughing, even when things are bad, then you are far better positioned for success.

These five tips come from Adam’s own experiences, but they show how he’s more than an online comedian: He’s a strategic thinker and effective entrepreneur. 

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