How This Successful Entrepreneur Built a Men’s Gold Jewelry Business That Earns Over $50 Million in Sales

Contrary to what many people think, developing and positioning a brand does not require a lot of economic capital. It is about elements that go much further, and the ability to see the business opportunities where others cannot, in addition to determination, effort, and dedication to achieve results. It was on this path that The Gold Gods became a brand that reached more than $50 million in retail sales.

It started as a project envisioned and built by an 18-year-old college freshman. Going from there to being a substantial presence as a high-end jewelry brand with commercial stores in different parts of the world is an achievement that only conviction and constant work can achieve.

With its beginnings in 2013, by the hand of its owner and founder Cam Love, The Gold Gods have focused on growing within the industry, differentiating themselves from the rest through two aspects: offering products of the highest quality and transforming how, at that time, potential customers could acquire gold-plated jewelry.

Both elements have been indispensable for the brand to become a reference in today’s business environment.

Expand Your Horizons

The consolidation of the brand has been Cam Love’s pillar since he began his business development with The Gold Gods. Before this step, he had experience in other businesses. He had further strengthened his skills in graphic design, web design, marketing, and basic accounting, among other skills that would allow him to reach his goal.

In 2013, in just one night after seeing a unique opportunity in high-end jewelry marketing, he began the process of creating the brand and construction of the website, one of the main sites for high-end jewelry.

A year later, he began to expand his horizons. Since 2014, the growth of The Gold Gods, in and out of the digital environment, has been remarkable. Outside of its main branch, it has more than 50 retail stores in the United States and another in Canada.

Boost Your Presence Everywhere

One aspect that has allowed the growth of this brand has been the ability to present the business as a mainstay. In addition to its constant work on digital platforms, this brand has participated in hundreds of prestigious international events. This has allowed it to further consolidate a winning reputation.

One of the most recent events was DXB in Dubai. In this case, the brand reached revenues of $35,000 in just two days, considered by its owner as the best participation of The Gold Gods in an activity of this level.

In addition to its success in sales, the trajectory has allowed this brand to develop connections that further strengthen its growth. The successful meeting in Dubai allowed it to become well-known and make a space in the most recognized shopping centers.

Build a Strong Image

Although experience is vital for entrepreneurs today, it is not always a determining factor. One aspect that makes The Gold Gods unique as a brand is that its owner and founder had no experience in the jewelry industry.

However, his skills in other areas allowed him to find the ideal strategy to develop a successful business in a new environment. The growth of The Gold Gods brand is a clear example of the power and importance of presenting a strong front.

“Beyond the experience, creating a strong brand is fundamental to a company’s success in any industry. It is what separates you from the crowd. Without it, you are just another commodity,” says Cam Love.

This thinking has allowed the brand to establish itself as a leader in the industry with a reputation for excellence, reflected not only in the quality but also in impeccable marketing work.

What began one night in 2013 with only four products available is now an overwhelming business that has monthly visits over 380,000 in its web portal, more than 1 million followers on social media, and sales figures that exceed 4,500 orders per month.

Although it seems that Cam Love has reached the top of his success, he plans to keep striving for more, both personally and for The Gold Gods. He is currently focused on consolidating his position around the world, including opening stores in China, Europe, and Japan, with which he would add a total of 1,000 retail businesses worldwide.

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