How This Teacher Became an Online Business Managing Expert

E-commerce is surging and there’s an overwhelming abundance of opportunities to generate value for people worldwide. With many brave entrepreneurs and business owners adapting and increasing their online business capacity, there are many needs to be met and services to be provided. People around the world are building their dream lives, becoming able to quit their 9-5 and live on their own terms.

One tenacious digital service provider, Lauren Birkmire, utilized her success as an established Virtual Assistant turned Online Business Manager to conquer her niche in the online sphere, and now helps other driven entrepreneurs to do the same. She used her 5 years experience in Digital Marketing and Digital Service Providing working with 6 and 7-figure businesses to harness their potential, implementing effective launch strategies, business strategy, system automation and more. She’s worked with many entrepreneurs and CEO’s to scale their operations and had soon found herself often serving as Manager of Operations for her clients projects.

Lauren turned her passion for technology into her source for success studying all she could about implementing funnels, launches, business programs, and team management. When she finally quit her 9-5 as a teacher, Lauren was comfortably earning 10k months, honing her skill as a business manager and integrating her strengths into her services with the efficiency of an expert. Lauren became an essential component in her client’s businesses, helping them to focus on their visionary goals and successfully implementing scalable business systems.

Lauren acts in Consulting roles for businesses, aiding in project and team management, integrating new tech systems, automating business functions, and overseeing marketing campaigns. She employs effective, results-based strategies that are proven to generate value for her clients.

Her deep relationship with clients taught Lauren the needs of successful business owners, and she now uses her skills to train Virtual Assistants to effectively seize their niche creating value for both their clients and themselves. Lauren founded LB Coaching & Consulting to share her key skills for becoming a valuable Virtual Assistant to her clients.

Her 1 on 1 coaching program is a 12 week intensive covering all the bases of an effective Digital Service Provider; business plans, finding a niche for your services, online presence, branding, pitching and onboarding, and the strategies and tech systems to that enable you to go all out for your clients. Her services have enabled her clients to hit their consistent $5k months and claim their financial freedom

Closing the gap between what Virtual Assistants learn and what Business Owners actually need is Lauren‘s speciality. She’s invested in seeing her clients succeed and devotes her energy to aid them in achieving their goals, integrating projects and systems that work in harmony with her clients vision.

If you’re a Virtual Assistant seeking clarity on your services and the knowledge to excel, or you’re a business owner trying to optimize and sustain your growth; connecting with an expert digital marketer like Lauren Birkmire is the right step on a path guaranteed for success and abundance.

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