How To Achieve Spiritual Transformation: Listen To Top Podcaster Aaron Civitarese

Genius is often unsure of itself, painfully dissatisfied with its shortcomings. You will never find something like this with mediocrity. Yet the key to unleashing inner potential often lies closer than we might think.

Aaron realized that to unleash his potential, define his life objectives, and serve those goals with passion and dedication, he had to invest time and energy in self-development.

Aaron built a sound understanding of energy, his paradigm, the quantum field, and the connection to his spiritual form to seize the opportunities life had to offer. He also came to grips with how emotions affect the quality of our lives and went on a deep inner journey to battle some demons and bring darkness to light.

Today, Aaron is an industry-leading sales professional managing an empowered 8 figure sales team at BJKU whose mission is to impact 1 Million Lives. He also shares inspirational business stories and growth mindset strategies through his podcast.

Here is what he has to suggest for those looking for more growth…

Nurture Curiosity

It takes a lot of curiosity to create. The interest of those who are constantly looking for answers to the questions “How does it work?” does not allow them to accept the world as it is. It urges them to shake it up, stir up new ideas, create something new.

To unlock and fulfill your potential, you need to push past your comfort zone, growth is never easy because if it was, everyone would live the perfect life of their dreams 100% of the time, right?

Never allow yourself to settle into a phase for too long, or else it will become a comfort zone that proves very difficult to move past. Curiosity drives the desire to try something new. Curious people are always a little crazy and fearless, often misunderstood or poked fun at for their ideas that make no sense to others. Keep going.

Value Introspection

Observation, analysis, experimentation, and control are purposeful traits that never fail to yield results.

When you are conscious of how you speak to yourself, only then can you embark on the process of consciously replacing those thoughts and suggestions with better ones? This is the first basic step to the manifestation equation as I see it, then once you are the observer the rabbit hole really opens up”, says Aaron.

Be Grateful

“What you appreciate, appreciates. Gratitude is the attitude. Thank the universe for giving you the strength to battle challenges, thank the past version of yourself that got you here. While this is difficult to do, when you nurture gratitude, you realize everything is as it should be and you are exactly where you need to be right now, then with this frame battling and thwarting challenges becomes easier and actually fun. You don’t have to wait for the perfect life to feel grateful, feel grateful now, and the perfect life appears.”, says Aaron.

If this inspires you to go deeper, listen to Aaron’s podcast to begin your spiritual transformation today.

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