How to Become a Film Producer? Mohammed Alsaadi Explains

Film production is a challenging but rewarding job. According to Mohammed Alsaadi, an Omani film producer, nothing brings him more joy than seeing his passion projects become a reality and experience people’s enjoyment and learning from his work.

You’ve got to be sufficiently prepared for the obstacles that come with the job title. For those who desire to dip their toes in artistic production, Mohammed Alsaadi breaks down how to become a film producer:

First comes the script. Mohammed says that a strong script can hold together a film, and a weak script will not sell no matter how you present it. Therefore, his advice to up-and-coming film producers is to identify scripts that will keep the audiences’ attention. It is important to understand that you’re competing for that attention with the likes of social media and so many other interesting apps on your phone. Find a script that will prompt people to put their phones aside and watch your film.

The second piece of wisdom Alsaadi wishes to impart is to have conviction. There are so many moving parts in production, and it can be difficult to keep track of them all; when it comes to a split path, you have to pick the direction to take and do so firmly.

Choose your cast carefully. You’ve got to pick a cast that will bring out the story you want to tell, evoke the audience’s emotions, and bring in the money. Most film producers work with actors who have had successive success in their previous projects to keep the streak going and to guarantee returns on their investment. Alsaadi emphasizes the importance of this for your first project.

As a caution, Alsaadi mentions the importance of working with a team that can pull their weight. Many productions will often lag because a few people are dropping the ball, and as a film producer, you must be on top of things at all times.

It is also essential that you also have goals, something you’re working towards, and milestones to achieve along the way; this keeps you motivated and focused in your artistic production.

Mohammed is passionate about helping more Arab film producers join the international stage and showcase films from the Arab world. He is among the first to express his interest in Hollywood and the international film arena.

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