How to Become Instagram Famous Quickly

Having a life of luxury is something that most people dream about. But becoming famous on Instagram or any other platform is not something that you set out to do.

Having a life of luxury is something that most people dream about. However, becoming famous on Instagram or any other platform may set you up for that kind of life. Scams, fake followers, and other tricks are not going to help you get noticed on Instagram. Instead, try focusing on what you do best. Either it is fashion, travel, dance, makeup, or any other thing.

Instagram is one of the most popular apps in the world. Most of us are already following and liking people around the clock. There’s still a lot of mystery around how to use the platform to its full potential.

Here are the top 10 tips on how to get famous on Instagram.

1- Set A Realistic Goal

Before you start your revamp, set realistic goals. This will help you set yourself up for success. Once you have decided what you want to achieve with your Instagram account, you can start by setting an aesthetic tone.

People are drawn to accounts that are visually consistent. The Preview app can help you test out different types of posts and engage with your followers in various ways.

2- Visual Attraction

Get amazing pictures or photos for your posts. Stunning images will help you attract followers and boost your Instagram profile. There are hundreds of apps that allow you to edit your images and make it look more professional and appealing to the eyes. Some of my all-time favourite apps are Lightroom, VSCO, Photoshop and Snapseed. 

Get more likes by using bright, colourful, and beautiful pictures. Lightning plays an important role in your image quality. Usually, vertical images grab more attention in Instagram because of the aspect ratio.

3- Use Of Hashtags

You can be innovative with your hashtags and create a trend on Instagram. Whatever you can type can be a hashtag there. It’s recommended to use about 15-20 hashtags in each of your posts. 

Find the trending hashtags that are not yet popular or have the potential of getting big in future. That way you get exposed to more Instagrammers when they search those tags. Hashtags such as #dinner or #restaurants are not going to get you anywhere since they are super generic and popular. 

Last but not least, use industry-specific or niche-specific hashtags. That helps you get to define what you do and help others find you easier.

4- Instagram Stories

Stories are fun quick Snapchat videos. Many people love watching them because it gives them inspiration and it feels lively. People love to give their opinion and feel engaged with you. You can ask questions in your stories and create more interactive feelings with your audience. 

You can share the result of polls, answer their questions individually in stories and many more. Make sure to use those tools for a more collaborative vibe.

5- Do Not Do By Spam Followers

Buying followers is useless, they are basically a big scam game. You pay for x amount of followers, but they are not engaging. They won’t share your stories, won’t get engaged with your posts, etc. You need live and real Instagrammers to spread the word about you by sharing and engaging with you. That’s how you can get famous and big over time.

6- Set Personal Photo As Your Instagram Profile Picture

Use your own personal photo, rather than a logo or some generic pictures for your main profile picture. That way, the audience feels more connected with you since they see you as a normal human like them that is passionate about a specific niche that is trying to grow. 

7- Be Creative And Fun

People use social media platforms to have some fun, get ideas and get entertained. You need to look outside of the box to create your content and add some spices to it in order to get more attention. 

One great example of a fun Instagrammers account is WeWork. WeWork is a great concept about leasing office spaces for corporations or even individuals but they add some fun ideas to their pictures to make it more pleasant and fun. In the image below as our example, they added a picture of a juicy beautified burger when indirectly advertising themselves.

8- Join The Popular Conversations

Find some popular posts that have not many comments there and are related to your niche. You attract other audience members by what you say in the comments and your profile picture. So try to be innovative and take a strategy that grabs the attention of users.

Do not spend much time exploring other related conversations, but you need to dedicate like 10-20% of your time to it initially till you have enough of your fans and followers.

9- Develop Your Own Instagram Style

Try not to copy your competitors, be innovative and create a fun Instagram InStyle for yourself. Social media users love to see new and unique things. That’s how they follow new Instagrammers, because they are semi-unique, have an interesting weird vibe to them.

10- Keep Your Bio Fresh

Bios are a great place to describe who you are and what your niche is. If you have your own site, make sure to mention it in your bio. Make sure your bio is up to date and aligned with what you do or what you try to draw their attention to.

In summary, be authentic and creative. Instagram is mainly about how amazing, unique your video/pictures are and what your style is. You can get attention quickly if you choose the right niche and are innovative enough to draw attention to your profile. Do not forget to use Notifier to monitor specific keywords and mentions on Instagram so you can act quickly and get more audience attention to yourself.

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