How to Brand Your Aesthetic Business Using Social Media

Theta Clinic is known today as one of the most specialized, professional, and reliable aesthetic practices in the entire country of Israel. Not only that, but with the help of social media, and thanks to Dr. Khaled’s (the founder of Theta Clinic) clever use of social platforms, his work is recognized all over the world, with people not even having to ask who it’s by.

At Theta Clinic, Dr. Khaled Darawsha specializes in cutting edge non-invasive aesthetic procedures, that are designed to beautify and help clients look and feel their best, with one small twist. No, we don’t mean that literally, but rather that Dr. Khaled’s work is something of an anomaly (but don’t worry, in a good way!) in the medical industry.

He uses procedures that are not only new and revolutionary, but also that do not involve actual cutting of the skin. For many, this is a deal-breaker when it comes to cosmetic surgery, with patients unable to handle the potentially terrible consequences of a poorly executed cosmetic procedure. But at Theta Clinic, there’s no chance of that, as Dr. Khaled is intent on pioneering procedures such as Robot Botox, and Nano Droplet interventions.

These are said to have the same impressive results, but without as much downtime. Overall, they’re just easier for the patient, and allow them to look and feel their best more rapidly.

But that’s not what we wanted to talk to you about. While we’re convinced of Dr. Khaled’s medical genius, we actually wanted to delve a little into his fascinating entrepreneurial attitude. Because Dr. Khaled isn’t merely an aesthetic expert, but also a keen hustler, and overall an accomplished entrepreneur.

In a short time, he has founded his very own aesthetic clinic, as well as his personal training academy for future aesthetic experts. He has also built a name for himself as an aesthetic expert, and built an impressive presence on social media platforms, with over 34k followers on his main Instagram account. Here, he mostly displays results and Before and After pictures from his countless successful procedures.

Work so hard and learn as much as you can, so that people recognize your unique work like its signed by you,” is one of the main ideas that guides Dr. Khaled in his career. Understandably, he aims to open a clinic in every major city in the world within the next five years, and to expand the business, riding the wave of non-invasive cosmetic procedures.

And from what we have seen so far, if he puts his mind to it, there is nothing this master of aesthetics can’t accomplish. A commendable professional, but also an impressive entrepreneur who could serve as an inspiration to all aspiring business-owners out there.

Challenge yourself every day, be your own inspiration, keep progressing and focus on your own path – be consistent in whatever you set out to do. Don’t be afraid to aim high and dream as big as you dare. In the end if you aren’t where you want to be then you don’t deserve to be there.

That mindset is that of a true visionary and the perfect advice for any entrepreneur and business owner to use as a guide to moving forward and making a difference.

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