How to Build a Cult-like Customer Base

The fear of joblessness and trying to figure out next steps in our lives have been an overwhelming weight on many of our shoulders during this new normal. How will we make it to next month? What is going to happen to my home? We’ve heard it all during this pandemic. It shot over us like a huge cloud of hopelessness. 

For some, this was a curse, however, for others, they found themselves creating new avenues of income that would push them from employee to entrepreneur. One thing these new entrepreneurs found out was with the help of social media, building an audience for their new venture is easier than ever before.  

While many are figuring this out on their own, Rich Girl Collective CEO and Online Community strategist Tiffany Williams has built a successful multi-million dollar business  helping women worldwide successfully move away from their 9-to-5 and into a lucrative online career independent of unprecedented situations. 

Williams has grown her tribe to over 70,000 women in her private online communities. As an online business strategist, she teaches her students the same strategies that she learned and implemented while working in corporate America that have propelled her to unprecedented levels of online business success. This global powerhouse has taken the time to provide us with her top 4 tips on how to build a cult-like customer base that will keep them coming back for more.

Always under-promise and over-deliver.

When building a customer base, it is very important to deliver the most value. This frequently used business practice has been proven time and time again to make your customers feel valued and to exceed their expectations. Not only will the customer feel appreciated but they will share their experience with others. 

Surprise and delight. 

This method, quite similar to “under-promising and over-delivering,” adds a little pizzazz to your customers’ experience. Throw in something unexpected and useful to elevate the customer experience and keep them coming back for more. Customers love when you go above and beyond for them. 

Attend to your customer needs. 

Most of your customers are dying with questions and looking for solutions. Try to provide solutions to needs they don’t even realize they have yet.  For example, I host a 30 in 30 where I answer frequently asked questions for my customers in a 30 minute window. This ensures that your customers are equipped with all the necessary tools they need.  

Check in or follow up with your customers.

The key to building a cult-like customer base is making sure that your customer feels important and not like another number. Take time out of your busy schedule to check in on your customers to see how they are doing, how they are progressing, and be concerned about their personal life. 

Be comfortable with giving stuff away.

Every now and again, try giving away a free offer or host a giveaway. Everybody loves a giveaway. This will make your customer feel appreciated and also get them to engage a little more.

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