How to Build a Lasting Brand With Jerusha Couture

Jerusha Baluch is an Australian fashion designer with a self titled fashion label Jerusha Couture™. After owning her own boutique for 4 years she gained popularity in 2010 as one of the original members of YouTube’s most fabulous community. The luxury community is one of the fastest growing community platforms on YouTube and to this day her enjoyable hobby turned quickly into a part-time career.

Amassing a very loyal fanbase of over one hundred thousand followers on Youtube & Instagram. Over the past 10 years, Jerusha has mastered the art of building a long term personal brand in a very specific niche, and her advice could be the next gold nugget that takes your brand to the next level. 

Defining Jerusha Couture’s Brand

When it comes to understanding Jerusha’s experience with personal branding, it serves us to really dive in and piece together the infamous self-titled fashion label Jerusha Couture™. Now Jerusha’s fanbase can tell you all about her and their reasons to continue consuming her content, or living by her words and opinions within the industry.

But when Jerusha was prompted to define her brand she described it as something glamorous, whether it comes across in her videos, pictures, fashion, handbags or the way she talks. Her brand is constantly poised around creating a world that sparkles,and shines. This self imposed identity she has created with her personal brand can be seen as one of the main drivers for success within her specific niche. 

Oftentimes, you can see some of the biggest personal brands in the world ground themselves to a core identity. It’s the reason so many in the space gravitate towards her brand online, they are able to identify with her passion for all things luxury, shiny and sparkly.

In turn, Jersuha has gone on to grow an immense passion and appreciation about the people that take their time out of their day to watch her, to join her world, and to follow her brand.   

Common Mistakes Building a Brand 

Now, we’d be lying if we were to say we all haven’t picked up a camera and meagerly attempted to turn our experiences into a video with hopes of becoming famous. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone, many people have tried to create a personal brand only to be stopped by small mistakes and obstacles along the way. Jerusha shared that in her experience the most common mistake she sees is everyone expecting immediate growth.

According to Jerusha, “People in this day and age live with an “instant reward” mentality as I grew up in a time where you worked for what you gain.”

A common error that kills the longevity of personal brands are made (especially with the brand growth and brand recognition) is gaining the trust of your customer. Not enough creators put focus on attaining trust with their audience/customers.

The key that has helped Jerusha stand out even up to 10 years later is to know her and her brand is to trust her and to know that what she is speaking is the truth. Over time this has created the key credibility in what she says and what she does, therefore it is an organic growth that brings her audience along the way.

Jerusha’s Timeless Branding Advice 

  • Understand Your Customer  

“There’s no doubt that when you know exactly who your customer is or who your viewer is, you offer a completely different edge when it comes to business. I am a firm advocate about spending time getting to know my audience and upholding the fact that they take their time to invest in my brand.”

  • Always Remain Authentic

“Always remain your true self, ego and fakery will lead you nowhere. The internet can be a cruel word and it will chew you up & spit you out. Instead focus on being yourself and make them love you for who you are and what your brand stands for.”

  • Product is King

“Meaning a physical item, a public figure and intellectual property is far better in business long term than ‘service’. Yes there are all different businesses & trades however my example relates to the brand growth Investment. Here is an example- My husband owns restaurants (true story, google it!) His mass earnings are from ‘service’ of food. Now we added to that the ‘product’ of bottling our sauces to sell. To harbour the two categories together is the ultimate dream team.”

The Benefits of Building an Audience Through Your Brand

At this point, it’s no secret that building a brand with an engaged audience in today’s economy can be a very lucrative hobby or even career, but what other benefits could you see by taking a few hours every day to focus on building a brand. For starters, and arguably one of Jerusha’s biggest motivators would have to be the massive audience she’s been able to connect with from all over the world.

They have truly followed Jerusha and everything she stands for as if they were some of her closest friends. So if you’ve ever felt like there is a group out there that would relate to you and sympathize with your mission, building a personal brand is probably the fastest way to finding them. 

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