How to Build a Successful Online Business With Mathieu Jang

When you meet with people that instantly make you feel like you’ve known them for years, you know you’ve met someone special. This is how it felt when Mathieu Tyler Jang and I spoke on the phone for the first time.

We just understood each other instantly and had been connected online for a few years before our first call. Shared a few messages back and forth but hadn’t been able to connect on a call yet, so we each carved out some time in our calendars.

Just listening to Jang and his story from growing up in his teenage years to where he is now was nothing short of inspiring. He wasn’t someone that had everything handed to him in life. He fought tooth and nail for the success he has today. One unique aspect was that he was someone who grew up in an entrepreneurial household.

His dad was a successful businessman and the entrepreneurial bug brushed off on Jang as well. This led him to start testing his entrepreneurial skills in high school where he would find out what his friends were wanting and he would source these products and sell them to his friends.

Talk about one of the best ways to start a business, find something people want, and sell it to them. Simple right?

The Early Years of Life 

For his high school years, Jang was someone that moved around a lot and didn’t really find a group of friends he could get close to. It wasn’t until his uncle gave him a job in his butcher shop making $9/hr where he started to take a more positive turn in his life. He knew that working in the butcher shop in Vancouver, Canada wasn’t going to get him far for long.

Something else started to catch his eye that he wanted to pursue. It was a video he saw of his friend Dakota that was an ad on Facebook that was Dakota traveling the world. Jang thought he would reach out to him and see if there was a way he could learn from him. 

Because he thought if he’s doing it, I must be able to as well right?

Learning from a Mentor

Jang started to see what was achievable for him once he started to learn from his mentor Kameron George. He got started in paid ads and after a while started to really get a hang of things. When we chatted he still recalled the time he got his first person to buy something for $25 after $200 of ad spend.

Obviously not the greatest result for him losing $175 in the process but it was this first taste of an online sale that gave Jang a thirst to really refine his craft and get better. 

See, business is not always about hitting a home run with your first at-bat. Sometimes you need to hit a single or a walk to first base to get a taste of how things work. This is how Jang saw it.

He later refined his skills and was focusing on paid Facebook ad optimization as well as funnels. In 2015 was when things really started to click and he did his first 5-figure month which in business is a major milestone. Something that he celebrated after many missed attempts.

What I learned from Jang and his story was that it took him several years, lots of time and money to master how to effectively drive traffic to his offers. Now that he had the formula down, he could literally take his formula and apply it to anything.

This is the most powerful part of his journey that led him to drive millions of dollars in sales to businesses he owned. Especially to his latest creation Affiliate Institute which is a huge success already in under a year of launching boasting thousands of students.

Think of how this could apply to you and your journey. If you master a method or a way of selling, branding, or building a business, think about how it can be replicated. 

This is a skill that could take years to perfect but once you get it, it can stay with you forever.

The Most Important Skill For Entrepreneurs to Have

Being able to sit down and learn from someone that has been through the tough times of entrepreneurship but who has also experienced some of the highest peaks is truly an inspiration. I wanted to ask his perspective on what he felt an important skill is for entrepreneurs to have today when starting a business.

It was a simple answer; Sales.

Without a question, sales are the most important skill for all entrepreneurs to have. If you aren’t able to communicate efficiently and sell your product or service then your business is doomed. This is a fact.

Copywriting and sales go hand in hand because the right copy can lure your prospect in or have them inquire about your product or service. Then if you are able to close the sale and answer their questions or deal with their objections, you have yourself a winning formula for success.

Sales come in many shapes and forms. Everyone has their own methods or tactics they like to use. Jang believes that you need to be authentic with your sales.

The key to a good salesperson and making a sale is being passionate about the product you sell and truly believing in it. This is how Jang feels with the Affiliate Institute because he knows its one of the best, if not the best solution out there for someone to learn the ropes and brush up on their skills when it comes to affiliate marketing.

When you have a product you truly believe in and it has the results a customer or prospect seeks, you are doing a disservice by not selling them that product because ultimately you know you can help them.

I want to leave you with one insight I gained from Jang that will hopefully help you on your journey. What is that one skill you can perfect or get better at right now that you can replicate for the rest of your life?

Go now and work on that skill.

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