How to Build & Grow Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn in 2020

Among the top social media platforms for B2B users, LinkedIn appears to be the outcast of the group.

The assumption attached to this social networking site is that it’s an exclusive space for workers and job hunters, but in reality, it’s the underdog that marketers should watch out for. It’s this very reason why content queen Shay Rowbottom, who has a rapidly growing marketing agency, is vouching for this platform today more than ever!

Shay initially worked as a video producer for multiple Facebook pages, where she began getting clients and receiving really good income. So when Shay was approached by a fellow marketer who said that LinkedIn can help her achieve a lot of reach, she was naturally skeptical. But after taking a coaching program that walked her through how LinkedIn’s algorithm works, she later discovered that this was true.

After two months of consistently posting three original videos a week on LinkedIn for her Facebook agency, she had generated over six figures in revenue—and all the inbound leads came from the videos she produced.

So how did Shay do it? The following is some of her advice:

1. Upload Videos Consistently

Churn out videos regularly. Apart from other factors, Shay attributes her first LinkedIn success to the regularity of her uploads.

“Consistency is important on social media”

That rings true especially today when thousands of content creators are vying for our attention. But she also placed importance on the length of the videos, which has to be short. To get more eyeballs, she said, keep your videos and content under five minutes.

2. Make Balanced Content

Shay’s hilarious skits are memorable and have garnered her a large following; however, it’s the vulnerable videos that generate leads. Hoping to work in the mental health sector in the future, Shay has opened up about her mental health issues on LinkedIn, which, according to her, may have turned off a few followers but also guaranteed the advocacy of more people to her personal brand. People love to be entertained, but they will also gravitate to content that’s more personal and more human.

3. Empathize With Your Target Market’s Problem

Before this, however, it’s important to clearly identify what your target market’s problem is. And after identifying the problem, a solution provider must explain that they truly know and understand it. Without this, a video’s capacity to attract and engage with the target audience will remain a possibility. So, once you’ve established your target market’s problem and have determined a way to communicate your genuine understanding of it, what’s next?

4. Give Value

In order to gain the respect and following of viewers, the videos must not only catch their attention, it should also retain it. And how do you keep them attentive? By giving them sound, valuable solutions to their problems. You must first ask yourself: “Does my content cater to my ego or to my target market?” If the answer is the latter, then your target audience will begin to trust you and the insights you will provide them.

“Build a following for as long as you can without asking for anything, and stay consistent”

5. Have a Call-to-Action (CTA)

Once you’ve set it up on LinkedIn, your business profile must always have a clear CTA directing your followers to your business. Let them know how they can contact you and keep in touch. Shay also advised that your profile has to let people know who your target market is, what problem you’re trying to address, and what kind of solutions you offer. Strive to be direct and concise. Otherwise, the CTA will be for nothing.

When it comes to videos and other content, make sure your CTA is aligned with the core message. The CTAs at the end of videos are designed to encourage engagement and commenting, which feeds the algorithm and drives reach on your content.

LinkedIn, which Shay likens to a networking event, is at its peak to help marketers and business owners maximize the growth of their personal brands. Where Facebook used to reign, LinkedIn now sits. And with marketing strategies catered to this social networking site, one can achieve great reach, great engagement, and eventually a great following.

Because there is so much to learn about LinkedIn as a marketing platform, Shay is offering a coaching program that will walk you through how digital marketing works on the site, how to optimize your profile, how to determine your target market, and even how to attract an audience through well-written video scripts and headlines. Find her coaching program on her official website at

Connect with Shay Rowbottom through her LinkedIn.

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