How to Build Massive Wealth and Make an Impact on a Global Scale

There’s no doubt that Alex Morton lives the millennial “dream” lifestyle. He’s living a life of purpose, traveling the globe, and having both time and financial freedom to help others!

Morton lives and breathes the ‘grind’, from his humble beginnings as a student at Arizona State University to an internationally renowned network marketing professional. His captivated and rapidly rising audience on social media has seen him travel to 50+ different countries in the last year, speaking at events and building his teams.

Featured in Forbes and Rolling Stone, Morton has already impacted hundreds of thousands of people, which seems to be, at just 28 years of age, just the beginning of the #AlexMortonMindset legacy.

In this exclusive interview in Panama during his South America tour, Morton discusses what it takes to be one of the most influential millennials today. Topics discussed included How to Build Massive Wealth and Make an Impact on a Global Scale.

Markado: What’s your deep reason? What makes you do what you do?

Alex: I grew up in an environment with very loving parents, but there were also certain standards set. It wasn’t like, “you’ve got to become a multimillionaire”, but more like, “hey, you know you’re here for a reason.”

My name, ‘Alexander’, means ‘helper of man’ in Armenian. So I always knew someday I was going to find something where I could not only impact a lot of people but also make enough money to be financially free. I’m twenty-eight years old now, and I guess you could say I’m at the height of my career, but I work every day like I’m still that broke college kid sleeping on the floor at Arizona State. Money is not my motive… and I’m doing things now for much deeper reasons.

You’ve got to have deep reasons why you do what you do or there’s a possibility you could give up before you hit your Grand Slam… If you’re just chasing a watch or car or girl or material things, you’ll quit on that. But what I’ve found is, if it’s to make your parents proud, if it’s to make your ancestors proud, you’re not going to give up on those deep reasons. That’s my why!

Markado: What’s your view on the Network Marketing industry and why do you believe in it?

Alex: I think it is the best vehicle for wealth creation for the average person – that is my opinion. I believe that because you can get started for two hundred bucks, three hundred bucks, fifty bucks, five hundred dollars… and then you have unlimited earning potential.

There’s criticism about every industry, especially Network Marketing. There are a lot of people that think and believe it is a scam… that’s why I’m such a big advocate of it. I want to change how people view this industry. I believe in it so much, not just for what it’s done for me but because I’ve directly and indirectly helped now over two hundred different people from all over the world get to life-altering incomes.

Does it work for everybody? No. Just like there are a lot of basketball players that don’t play in the NBA.

Take a look at where I am right now. I’m in Panama, where the average income here is $400 US dollars a month, so people are hungry for opportunity.

Network Marketing is a great vehicle if done properly. Are there lots of people that give it a bad name? Yes. Did I used to do things in my younger years that probably weren’t good ways to market? One hundred and fifty percent yes. You can’t make it about watches, B.M.W.s, and everybody getting rich overnight because it’s not about that, and it’s definitely not an overnight thing… I’ve been doing this for 8+ years now.

So, in terms of leverage, in terms of opportunity, in terms of the average person being able to write their own check, be their own boss, set their own times, set their own income and work towards whatever goal they want… I believe that this is the best vehicle for wealth creation at a global level.

Markado: What key lessons have you learned about being in the industry, and how have they impacted your life?

Alex: I think Network Marketing is the greatest teacher in the world. I’m in my third company right now, and, God willing, it will be the last. I learned through growth and evolution. I truly believe that you learn and evolve the more you push yourself to become a better person…a better version of “you”. The more you push yourself to grow, the more money you’re going to generate in your life.

In College, you don’t get taught the importance of goal setting, or how to publicly speak or influence people. They don’t even teach you how to sell and build relationships. You just don’t get taught that at Ohio State, Oklahoma, Arizona State, or even the University of Brisbane, Australia. Most teachers are not teaching any of the spiritual laws of success.

I didn’t really know what personal development was when I started. I didn’t know there was this massively successful industry out there until I got involved in Network Marketing and began getting exposed to that space. I remember when I first saw Darren Hardy… then another great I saw and forged a relationship with was Gary Vaynerchuk (before he blew up) – we actually shared a stage together, and to this day I am fortunate enough to be able to call him a friend. I was fortunate enough to be mentored by Bob Proctor. He taught me about all his teachings from Earl Nightingale and Napoleon Hill. This is probably the most valuable relationship I have ever forged.

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