How to buy Facebook Likes and Grow Your Audience Reach

Discover how to grow your social following by acquiring real Facebook likes.

No one can go for an entire day without social media. It has now become an important part and parcel of our daily lives. Whenever you have free time, you go through your Facebook feed, don’t you? In the last 15 years or so, many apps have come about that are used by people all around the world, and one of the first apps that came was Facebook. 

When Mark Zuckerberg came with the idea of an app where everybody could be friends with each other in 2004, nobody thought that it could be possible. Now through Facebook, you can have friends from all around the world. Facebook is fast, easy and convenient.

A statistical fact shows that almost 75 percent of the people who use the internet use Facebook and have been doing so for years. Even today, Facebook works on new updates and brings about new features that can make its users stay addicted to using the app.

And this is why it’s now more important than ever to focus on getting more Facebook likes.

Facebook is now 17 years old. It has become a platform for everybody, be it celebrities in the film industry, businessmen, artists, influencers, or even social media marketers. You can message your friends through Facebook, call them, and share your Facebook friends’ thoughts on your Facebook wall.

To know more about Facebook, let’s go through some of the features we have been using for so long but may not know what they are called. Take a look.

  • Facebook Wall or Newsfeed – This is where you can take a look at all your friends’ latest activity. What kind of content they post, which picture they have uploaded, and which part of the world they are in. You can get all the information on your news feed. On a post, you can also choose to react to the photo, comment, and share it. This includes some emojis, such as the “like” emoji or the “love” emoji, or even the “laughing” emoji. The Facebook wall is where you can post your content. Here, you can change your profile picture or your cover photo or type down your thoughts.
  • Timeline – The Timeline is that area that shows your profile to you and others. This is where your personal information is. Your date and place of birth, your places of occupation, your hobbies, and other interests are all here. Your profile photo and your cover photo can be seen here.
  • Facebook Stories – One of the fairly new features that have been introduced. Like Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook has brought about the feature of uploading stories for 24 hours. You can now choose to put up a photo as a post or a story, or even both. This way you can reach more people daily.
  • Facebook Short Videos – A new feature like Instagram reels can now post a short video on Facebook and reach more people. This feature suits the influencers and content creators better since they work towards getting a bigger audience for their content.

Now that you know about its features, there are ways to help you grow your audience on Facebook. If you are an artist or a social media marketer, you must know how to use Facebook to your advantage.

Getting More Likes on Your Facebook Page

Making a Facebook page is easy, but taking care of it and helping it grow can be difficult. You must work towards building a good following on your page and being more consistent with your posts, which could take a while. Here are some of the many things needed to get a bigger audience for your Facebook Page.

  • Know what your audience likes – Keep an idea of what your page’s followers want to see in your content. If 65% of your audience wants to see bakery-related content on your page, you must post content on that subject. The main point behind this is that if your audience likes what they see, they will share it on their news feed, which helps your content reach newer people more efficiently.
  • Your content – Carrying on with the above point, your content is what decides the fate of your page. Posting fresh content that is not only good but engages with your audience as well. Like every other app, Facebook too has an algorithm that tells you if people will actually look at your content or just scroll past it. What matters from your end is content that can grab the audience’s attention. And according to this report from, “86% of marketers indicated that Facebook was a platform that was adding value to their business” — which is why it’s so important for every brand to be using FB for content creation and distribution.
  • Consistency – If you post several pictures and videos on your page and then disappear for a week or so, then you are bound to lose some followers. Stay consistent with your posts. Make sure you decide on a time frame where you put up your posts. This will help reach more people. Keep checking your Facebook Page Insights. That way, you can find out when your followers are online and what time of the day.
  • Promotion of your Facebook Page – Now that you have more content on your page, share it as much as possible. Make sure that you post it on all of your social media handles. It should be as simple as a single click for newer people to reach your page’s wall.
  • Building a Community – Make all your friends like your Facebook page. It is important to build a community that can like, comment, and share on all your content. The main job of this particular “community” is to help build your page. These are those followers who will share your content daily and attract newer audiences to your page. This will lead to a substantial gain in your likes, your followers and provide comprehensive insights.
  • Using Ads on Facebook – To be seen on Facebook, ads can help you reach more people. The ads will help your posts be seen by those who watch similar content to yours. You can boost each post of yours and reach newer audiences. Find a “target audience” As mentioned before, this is the audience that will like your content the most.
  • Posting Short Videos and Stories – Use the new features to your best advantage. Short videos on Facebook are on the uphill at the moment and can help your page towards a reasonable level. Consistently posting such videos and stories will help your page.
  • Trends – Whenever something is trending, that is where the audience is. This is where you have to take these trends and relate them to your content and post them. Trends will always attract the mass, and you can use these to your advantage.

An Overview to Buying Facebook Likes for Your Page

If you have a Facebook page, you must be knowing how difficult it can be to stay consistent and still not get a good number of likes on your page. Months of hard work go down the drains, and it can be very discouraging. This is where you have an easy way out with buying Facebook likes. Buying these likes will immediately lead to your posts getting more likes and getting a new audience.

The question that comes up is, how to buy Facebook likes? Hundreds of websites sell Facebook likes at prices that are too good to be true. This is where you must be careful, and purchase likes from only trusted websites used by other content creators. Some websites can display a very low price for Facebook likes and then take a whole lot of money from you after you give in your details. Although this method is not favored, it is in no way illegal to buy Facebook likes.

One of the critical reasons why it is advised that you choose trusted websites to buy likes is so that you don’t have fake likes. With so many different brands focusing on Facebook, it’s important to make sure you are always staying ahead of the competition at all times.

Here are some key reasons on how buying Facebook likes can help in your social media growth.

  • An instant rise in likes – When you go to a website and buy a certain number of likes for your page, you will notice two things. They are a particular number of likes that are available and how much you would have to pay for those likes. Once you’ve paid for the Facebook likes, you will notice that those likes will immediately reach your page and increase your page’s insights. This way, you have more likes, and your page’s reach is more likely to increase, thus attracting new users to like your page.
  • Time Efficient – As mentioned before, organic growth in likes and following can take a long time. Sometimes, following all the trends and posting fresh content may still not lead to getting the likes you may deserve for your posts. When you buy Facebook likes, these likes turn up on your page instantly and save you a lot of time, thus keeping you satisfied too.
  • Increase in Engagement – The more the likes are on your page, the easier it becomes for you to engage with your followers. More likes attract more users to glance through your Facebook page and see your content. To increase engagement with your followers, you could begin with fun activities such as holding a small contest for your followers where they would win some of your exclusive merchandise. This gives off the impression that you care about your followers and is always good for social media.
  • Your insights get better – Once you have a good number of likes on your page, your overall insights get better, and more and more people may see your posts. This leads to them giving a “like” to your Facebook page and reacting to your content which eventually leads to extensive growth.
  • Possibility of Endorsement Deals – Advertisements, Sponsored posts, and endorsement deals through social media apps are now very common, and your page could be next getting endorsement deals from one of the big companies. The more likes, the more people you reach. This is something that companies often notice on Facebook pages that have a good following. They do this to better endorse their upcoming products through you and your page, which is possible and more manageable once you buy Facebook likes.

Safety Concerns with Buying Facebook Likes

Often you must be looking at websites that say that Facebook likes are illegal and not safe. Indeed, buying these likes from unheard websites is not secure. This leads to fake likes and bots entering your page, and Facebook could ban you. Some precautions which one can take to avoid these situations.

  • Choosing the right Websites – Always go for those websites reviewed well by other people. Some of the websites that you can go to are Famoid, Viralyft or Social Viral. These have been trusted over the years and do not overprice their deals. 
  • Start slow – If you are buying Facebook likes for the first time for your Facebook Page, make sure that you start slow and do not go all out on the first try. Starting with buying 500 likes and followers can be a good start since it can give you an idea about how the entire system works. Once you can see your account’s growth through your insights, you can go forward with buying more likes for your account.


Here is a quick summary of Facebook and its features.

  • Facebook Wall and Newsfeed
  • Your Timeline
  • Short Videos on Facebook
  • Facebook Stories

A quick look through some of the points that can help you get more likes on your Facebook page.

  • Knowing what your audience likes
  • Consistency
  • Your Content
  • Following the trends
  • Building a community
  • Ads on Facebook
  • Engagement with your followers
  • Promoting your page

When you buy Facebook likes, specific ways can help your page and increase your audience. Here are the pros that can prove to be beneficial.

  • An instant rise in your likes 
  • Time-efficient 
  • Increase in engagement with your followers
  • Better insights overall
  • More endorsement deals and advertisements 

One must remember that even today, Facebook remains one of the top and most-used apps all around the world. Knowing the points mentioned above now, you can use Facebook to your best advantage and get a bigger audience for your content and your page.

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Written by Kristel Staci

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