How to Buy Real Instagram Followers, Legitimately.

Buy Real Instagram Followers

Instagram continues to be one of the top platforms for all niches— restaurants, real estate, influencers, musicians, artists, designers, the list could go on and on. 

No matter what you dedicate yourself to, it’s undisputed that you need to have a strong Instagram presence in order to propel your business or brand to the level of credibility and establishment that it needs for long-term success. 

While there are many elements to having a developed Instagram platform, none of it matters if you don’t have the necessary following to view your content and engage with it. Ultimately, Instagram’s success lies in your ability to attract new followers that will actively like, comment, and share your content. 

It sounds simple enough in theory, but in practice, it can be quite tedious. The most effective way to grow your Instagram following is to engage actively with users in your target audience, but this can be incredibly time-consuming, leaving you little time to focus on the really important tasks of Instagram such as content creation, hashtag strategy, and analytics. 

A common shortcut is to buy Instagram followers, and there are plenty of services that are happy to oblige; unfortunately, cutting corners doesn’t always have the best results. People try to buy real Instagram followers, but it’s virtually impossible. 

After reading this article, you’ll understand: 

  • Why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers
  • What happens when you buy Instagram followers
  • The benefits of an Instagram growth service
  • How an Instagram growth service delivers optimal results 

It may be tempting, but resist the urge— buying Instagram followers can be detrimental to your success and reputation on the platform. Use an Instagram growth service instead.

Why Do People Buy Instagram Followers? 

When Instagram first launched, people took to the platform to share photos with family and friends, connecting socially. Shortly after, businesses started to realize that Instagram housed huge potential for reaching new clients and building their reputation through Instagram. 

With this boom of Instagram came the first follower fad— buying Instagram followers. In order to establish yourself as popular and reputable on Instagram, what people wanted to see was high follower numbers. 

Nothing else mattered too much; as long as you had a lot of followers, you could become an influencer and monetize your Instagram. 

Since Instagram was relatively developing, there weren’t many controls in place to deter people from buying followers. Not long after, however, it became apparent that people were buying followers. 

Even famous celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Ellen DeGeneres, and Ariana Grande were among people who bought Instagram followers. 

Eventually, Instagram realized that this was happening, and they found a variety of ways to combat this phenomenon, which we’ll discuss in the next section. 

Not only that, slowly but surely sponsors and brand partners started to realize that their key to Instagram success isn’t in a user’s follower count at all— the true success of Instagram lies in high engagement levels. 

People tried to buy followers to appear more popular or credible, but their follower count couldn’t support that front. Let’s see why that is.

What Happens When You Buy Instagram Followers? 

It can be hard to resist taking the shortcut of buying Instagram followers when you’re desperate to see your numbers climb, but you should hold back for a number of reasons. 

It can seem harmless at first glance, but when you buy Instagram followers, you effectively shoot yourself in the foot in terms of Instagram growth and performance.

Here are examples of what fake followers also look like, it’s very obvious to everyone. You aren’t fooling anyone!

niannaLet’s say you buy 10k followers from a company that sells followers. They deliver your followers over the course of a few days, and you eventually get near to all of what they promised they’d deliver. 

No doubt, they said that these would be “high-quality” followers. This doesn’t mean that you’re buying real Instagram followers, as unfortunately, it’s a tricky turn of phrase. They mean they could pass as real followers, but they’re definitely not. 

To Buy or Not To Buy? 

Okay, so you’ve bought 10k Instagram followers and they’re on your account. What happens next? Two things. 

When you don’t buy real Instagram followers, they are bound to be completely inactive. That means you can say goodbye to any hopes that you had of increased engagement or possible conversion. 

If you don’t have healthy levels of Instagram engagement, your content will lose its reach. The Instagram algorithm favors accounts that have high levels of engagement, not followers, so buying fake followers in bulk will only hurt you.

Imagine you bought a bunch of Instagram followers, and you’ve got a total of 30k followers. On your posts, you average around 50 likes. This is incredibly low for someone who has 30k followers, at an engagement average of 0.1%.

I’m sure you’ve all seen it, that influencer with thousands of followers, but only had a handful of likes, but for those who haven’t here is how it looks:


That’s pitiful, as an acceptable engagement rate should be at least 3%. If you’re hanging in at 0.1%, your credibility is down. Users can now recognize easily when most followers are purchased through a sign like this, and brands or sponsors definitely can. 

What’s more, these followers may look real, but since they are inactive, fake, or bots, Instagram will eventually clear them out as part of their cleanup process. They frequently go through and remove any accounts that are not real or active. 

You’ll notice a common disclaimer from Instagram services that sell followers: they tell you that it’s normal for followers to drop off over time. The only reason for this is that they’re not real, and Instagram removes them. 

These services don’t care about you, nor do they care about your Instagram growth; they’re looking to cover their behinds and make a quick buck in the process. 

All in all, here is a recap of why you shouldn’t buy Instagram followers: 

  • They’re not real 
  • They won’t engage with your content, hurting your performance against the algorithm 
  • You look desperate
  • Your reputation will diminish with a poor follower to engagement ratio 
  • You won’t see any business conversion or return on investment
  • They won’t stay on your account long term
  • Your analytics will be skewed 

What is an Instagram Growth Service?

In contrast, an Instagram growth service is what you’re really looking for in terms of growing real Instagram followers.  

The good thing about a growth service is that they won’t pump your account full of fake followers; they follow organic growth methods that work within your target instructions to bring you followers that are connected to your niche. 

When followers are targeted, they will have an interest in your content, making them more likely to engage with your content. You will also have higher chances of conversion with these followers and can actually see a return on investment.

An Instagram growth service will work to perpetuate organic interactions with these users; these interactions typically include things such as liking, viewing stories, commenting, following, among others.

One service, in particular, has been making waves in the Instagram growth market. Let’s see what they can offer you. 

Growthoid: Changing Instagram Growth

Buy Real Instagram Followers with Growthoid
Buy Real Instagram Followers with Growthoid

Growthoid has completely revolutionized the way that organic Instagram growth services work. They are incredibly dedicated to delivering top-caliber results, bringing you real followers that actually impact your account for the better. 

Growthoid doesn’t use any type of automation or bots, which is the most important factor when deciding to use an Instagram growth service. 

After the fake follower fad dropped off, many companies shifted to automated growth services, using bots and automation to engage with followers on the Instagram platform. 

Since Instagram was developing rapidly, it became clear that these bot interactions were damaging the user experience on the platform, thus prompting Instagram to implement consequences for growth services using automation. 

This is when Instagram adjusted the algorithm to favor higher levels of engagement among other factors. Not only that, they introduced engagement caps that would prohibit extreme levels of engagements with other users on the platform. 

If your account surpasses these limits, it will be flagged by Instagram, and repeat offenders can even be blocked or suspended from the platform. 

Because of this, most of the prominent growth services had to shut down due to lack of results or inability to operate. 

Luckily for Instagram hopefuls all over the world, Growthoid has reinvented the wheel. 

The Growthoid Difference 

The best thing about Growthoid is that they don’t mess around with fake followers, nor do they operate through Instagram bots or automation. 

Growthoid is a completely manual service that will allow you to optimize your Instagram growth and gain the reach you need to get real Instagram followers that actually care about your profile and content. 

Growthoid will save you the essential time that you need to focus on your Instagram content, analytics, and hashtag strategy that will even further perpetuate a successful Instagram platform. 

The way that Growthoid runs its service is incredibly transparent and blows all other services out of the water. Once you start with Growthoid, you’ll never consider buying Instagram followers again. 

Standout Growthoid Features 

Growthoid Growth

Growthoid offers a variety of standout features that allows them to operate as the best Instagram growth service in the market. The good thing is that the service is incredibly easy to navigate, so even if you don’t have a lot of tech experience, you’ll have no problem using Growthoid. 

Let’s take a look at the top features that set Growthoid apart from the rest. 

Dedicated Account Manager 

You never have to be alone in your Instagram growth quest again. Immediately after signing up with Growthoid, you’ll be connected with your account manager, who will be in charge of all of your account growth and engagements. 

They’ll request your targeting instructions, and upon submitting them, they’ll begin interacting with users who are a match. Hello, new followers!

The good thing about the account manager is that they can hone in on your targets in ways that Instagram automation and bots never could; additionally, when you buy followers, they’re completely inauthentic. 

Your Growthoid account manager will take extra care in identifying beneficial accounts to interact with, amplifying your follower growth, and helping to boost your engagement. 

Targeting Options 

Growthoid offers a variety of targeting options so that you can best direct them to your preferred audience. 

The more distinct and robust your targeting instructions are, the better your account manager can find users that will closely connect to your content and profile. 

When you have connected, real followers, you can enjoy higher engagement levels and even better conversion rates. 

Flexible Plans 

Growthoid offers two different plan options, both of which are paid monthly with no commitment and no contract. They’re so sure that you’ll love their service, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. The flexibility that Growthoid offers only reaffirms its position as the most transparent and trustworthy growth service that you can contract. 

How To Optimize Your Growth Service


When you use an organic Instagram growth service like Growthoid, you will enjoy more eyes on your content and the potential to gain more real followers, but you still need to do your part to solidify your platform and prove your social credibility. 

Here are some easy, actionable goals that you should adhere to in order to gain optimal results from your Instagram growth service. 

Content Matters 

One of the most common things that happens is that people become complacent after hiring a growth service, thinking that they can now sit back and do nothing. 

While that would be wonderful, you still need to facilitate your content on Instagram and provide your followers and viewers with something valuable. 

Not only will you gain more followers with top-notch content, but you’ll also retain the new followers you acquire. 

If your content stinks, is inconsistent, or doesn’t provide value, your new followers can easily unfollow you. Not only that, you won’t see the boost in engagement you’re looking for. 

Find ways to reinvent the wheel in your niche, create consistent and valuable content that you post according to schedule, and take advantage of engaging features like Instagram stories, DMs, and Instagram live. 

When you do this, you’re setting yourself up for success and your growth service will generate interest around your profile, growing your follower count with ease. 

Use Hashtags 

Another way to assist your growth service is to use hashtags. Your growth service will take care of your Instagram reach and connecting with new followers, but when you use hashtags, you can double your reach with little effort. 

In addition, hashtags are an expected part of your Instagram content. You can work them into your caption, distance them below your caption, or include them as the first comment after you upload your post. 

In any case, hashtags are a vital part of Instagram’s reach and success. When you use them in tandem with a service like Growthoid, you’re going to be more than pleased with the results that you see. 

Try to use hashtags that are not super general, such as #beauty or #life, but hashtags that are connected to your niche and narrow down your followers to your target audience. 

Hashtags can also be an important targeting factor for your growth service, which we’ll discuss in the next section. 

Know Your Audience 


When you sign up for a service like Growthoid, you’re going to provide them with your targets, which is the principal way that your account manager will find accounts to interact with. 

The better you know your target audience, the more specific targets you can provide to Growthoid. This is vital in ensuring you draw attention from users that will actually be interested in your content. 

For example, if you’re targeting the hashtag #nature, there’s no way that you can ensure that these followers will be connected to your market in any way since the hashtag #nature is so incredibly broad. 

A good strategy is to take a look at your target audience in terms of gender, location, age, commonly-followed hashtags, as well as competitor accounts that are of interest to them. 

When you target competitor accounts that have an audience similar to the one you’d like to have, you can pull followers from those accounts and make sure that the followers you gain are highly targeted to your market. 

Your dedicated Growthoid account manager will follow your instructions, so the more specific and knowledgeable you can be, the better your results will be. If you feel lost or confused, ask for help and your account manager or support team will be glad to oblige. 

Conclusion: Buy Real Instagram Followers 

Hopefully, now you can see the big risk that you undertake when you buy Instagram followers in bulk packages or when you use services offering automation and bot interactions. 

Don’t buy into shortcuts; they don’t work. Instagram has been around for a decade now, and they have worked for those ten years to make the platform the social media network that it is. The best way to gain more real Instagram followers that will benefit your performance is to use an Instagram growth service. 

Services like Growthoid are the best options on the market these days, and they have completely transformed the way that companies should offer Instagram growth. Take advantage of their service to buy real Instagram followers and reclaim your time, focusing on your workflow and content creation. 

You can be successful on Instagram without buying followers— use a growth service instead to get real ones.

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