How to buy TikTok followers That are Real and Active

How to buy TikTok followers that are real and active

You’ve probably heard people buy Instagram followers, but did you know they buy TikTik followers, too?

Majorly, those who buy followers on TikTok are businesses, brands, influencers, and wannabe influencers.

Why do people buy TikTok followers?

Why do people buy TikTok followers

To gain social proof: When you have a meager amount of followers, nobody wants to explore your page, let alone follow your account. But when they see your account brimming with thousands of followers, it gives the impression that you’re worth following.

On TikTok, the number of followers is even more important than on other social media platforms because it is dominated by Gen Z (about 60% of its users).

Gen Zers love clout. And the only way they’re going to interact with a brand or influencer is if they see that others (mostly their colleagues) are interacting with them.

To build credibility and authenticity: This is particularly important for businesses. It’s expected on TikTok that brands have to have a high number of followers. If you don’t, then it’s assumed you aren’t credible enough.

What’s more? When you don’t have plenty of followers on your account, some users might even think that that’s not your official handle – maybe someone’s trying to impersonate the real brand on TikTok.

To monetize their accounts: There are so many ways to monetize TikTok, but the most common ones are live stream coins and brand influencing. To execute these two monetization strategies, you need lots of followers. For example, you need at least 1k followers before you can even hold a live stream session. Also, you need lots of followers before any brand can approach you to work for them.

To gain more followers, views, and likes

Although TikTok hasn’t said that follower count is a major ranking factor, anecdotal evidence has suggested that people with high follower counts get more video views and engagement.

How to buy TikTok followers the right way?

How to buy TikTok followers the right way

Buying TikTok followers is not as simple as jumping on the first provider you find. Maybe that was what you did with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the rest, but you can’t try it with TikTok.

The TikTok app is so big on engagement.

As such, when you want to buy followers, you need to make sure you’re buying real and active followers.

It is not enough to have thousands of followers. Those followers have to engage with your account; otherwise, you risk getting flagged by the TikTok algorithm or getting “profiled as fake” by the platform users.

Dangers of buying non-engaging TikTok followers

Dangers of buying non-engaging TikTok followers

On TikTok, it is not only bad to buy fake and non-engaging followers, but it is also dangerous. Below are some of the dangers associated with buying fake, non-engaging followers.

  1. You lose potential customers and fans

As we mentioned earlier, TikTok is dominated by Gen Z, and this generation is known for their subtle attention to detail. When they stumble on an account, they pay attention to the small details like the number of followers, number of likes, etc.

If, by chance, somebody notices that your account has a high follower count (maybe 2k) but a very low engagement rate (maybe 7 likes), they’ll blacklist you immediately.

TikTok users love the platform because of the authenticity of its content and its users. When people notice someone is trying to compromise this just because they want to market to them, they “profile” that account as fake.

  1. You lose influencing opportunities

Both advertising agencies and companies are quite similar to Gen Z in the way they analyze accounts when scouring for influencers.

They don’t just look at the number of followers on an account; they pay close attention to the number of engagements that the account is getting on its posts. As one source rightly puts it, “brands fancy engagement count more than follower count on TikTok.”

It can be said they don’t want to work with influencers that have bought followers to gain popularity. They want influencers that have engaging followers.

  1. You get punished by TikTok

Finally, buying fake and non-engaging followers can land you in TikTok’s hot water.

Although you may not get banned for the practice, TikTok will block the non-engaging followers you’ve purchased, causing you to experience a drop in your follower count.

Like that is not enough, anecdotal evidence suggests they will also stop showing your content to other users.

Someone might ask: how will they know I’ve bought fake and non-engaging followers?

They have an algorithm that monitors your follower count and engagement. Once the algorithm notices a discrepancy in the ratio of the two metrics, it sends a signal to TikTok to do needful.

A step-by-step guide for buying real and active TikTok followers

A step-by-step guide for buying real and active TikTok followers

Step #1 Look for a provider selling real and active followers

The first step is pretty obvious – look for who’s selling what you want. Of course, every provider will tell you they sell real TikTok followers, but we both know not all of them can be trusted.

So, what you do is this: scour the internet for the names of the best provider. A simple Google search of the best place to buy real TikTok followers should reveal some blogs to you.

By the time you review at least 5 blogs, you should find some names common in all the blogs.

Write down these names and move to step two.

Step #2 Read online reviews

There are some trusted review websites and platforms on the internet. Below are some of the best ones recommended by Hubspot:

  1. Trustpilot
  2. Google Reviews
  3. Sitejabber

If you don’t find satisfactory reviews on these platforms, head to social media – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to be precise.

Search for hashtags relating to #TikTokfollowers, #buyfollowers, #Socialmediafollower, or any other TikTok-related hashtags. With the help of these hashtags, you’ll find discussions relating to various topics about TikTok.

Once there, ask people in the comment section what they think about the brand.

Additionally, you can try Facebook ratings and reviews. They help too.

Finally, check your phone app or play store to see if the provider has an app. If they do, check out what people are saying in the review section.

By the way, our recommended site to buy real and active TikTok followers is So, check it out today.

Step #3 Buy little and wait

People’s feedback and reviews are not enough to help you make a decision. You need to do a little try and error.

If, after reading dozens of reviews online, you’ve shortlisted a few names, head to the provider’s website and buy a very small number of followers.

Usually, you’ll find sites selling TikTok followers for as low as $5 per 100 followers. In fact, on Stormlikes, you’ll find 100 followers for $4.39.

We recommend buying 100 followers for a start. Once your order arrives, check the profile of each of the 100 purchased followers to see whether they’re active followers or robots.

You can tell by checking their profile picture, previous posts, and recent activities. The reason for doing this is to be sure you have bought followers that will engage with your posts.

Remember we said it’s dangerous to buy TikTok followers that don’t engage. If you’re satisfied with the authenticity of the purchased followers, you can buy more followers.

What to do after buying real and active TikTok followers

The job is not done when you buy followers.

Although the purchased followers will act as a beacon that attracts other followers, you too need to do some works to ensure this happens.

For starters, here are the things you need to do after buying real and active TikTok followers.

Create amazing content

TikTok is the home of amazing content. If you want to get noticed or go viral on the platform, you need content that is amazing, too.

It’s possible you may not have any content ideas, but you need not worry. You can always Google search TikTok content ideas.

It is only when you create exciting content that the purchased followers will act as a beacon that attracts more followers.

When you create amazing content, your followers (existing and bought) will interact with it, thereby signaling the TikTok algorithm to show the content to other users. This is how you gain exposure and more followers.

Use relevant hashtags

When used correctly, hashtags help you get discovered by people who aren’t yet following you. So, always endeavor to add the right ones to all your videos.

Post at the right time

TikTok, like most high-end social networking apps, offers its users an analytics dashboard, where they can check some important info and metrics.

One important metric is “follower activity.”

This tells you the times and days that your followers are most active on TikTok. Look for when activity is consistently high, and post regularly in that time slot.

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