How to Choose the Right Dog: First Time Dog Owner’s Guide

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Are you thinking of getting your first dog? Well, congratulations on making the most exciting decision. The dog-owning experience will surely bring more happiness, excitement, and fulfillment to your life.

However, first, make sure you’re really ready to become a pet owner and carefully consider the right type of dog from Trending Breeds that suits your lifestyle, family, and home. Because, at times, newly owned dogs are given to animal shelters due to impulsive decisions and unfilled expectations. So, it’s highly imperative to make a well-informed decision to avoid that.

There are several factors for choosing the right dog for you, like trending breeds, age, size, activity level, maintenance, etc. In the following guide, we’ll uncover everything that the new dog owner should know.

Why should I get a dog?

Dogs can be there for you when people can’t. They offer the most faithful companionship to those not lucky enough to be surrounded by family or friends. They’re there for you, day and night, cuddling, keeping you company at home.

Dogs are known to provide the best emotional support and life human spirit. Especially if, due to some reasons, it’s hard for you to get out and meet new people or you’re going through a tough phase of life. A recent study has shown that having a dog in your life can lead to better mental health and reduce loneliness.

Who Shouldn’t Get a Dog?

Dogs are man’s best friend and a social, pack animal. This means they require a lot of attention and human affection to be happy, but sadly some owners are neglectful. This can cause them to act out in negative ways, like chewing your upholstery or tearing through your trash cans when no one’s paying attention.

Here are some signs and types of people who shouldn’t get a dog:

  • If you or someone in your family have bad allergies
  • You don’t have enough time to take care of the dog, or you work long hours
  • You’re not financially ready for the dog
  • You’ve other important commitment
  • You’re thinking of starting a family
  • You don’t plan on training the dog
  • You travel a lot

What choices do I have for a pet dog?

Dogs have been bred over generations to display certain physical and behavioral characteristics. This wide variety of Trending Breeds of dogs come in different sizes, have different lengths of fur, come in various colors, have unique temperaments, and show diverse levels of energy. A dog’s size often predicts its lifespan – large-breed dogs typically have shorter lifespans than smaller dogs.  

Who is responsible for taking care of the dog?

Becoming a dog owner comes with a lot more responsibilities than just having a cute 4 legged best friend. Being an owner, you will be responsible for providing a comfortable shelter, food, emotional support, training, grooming, and companionship to the dog for his entire life.

Which dog size should I get? Puppy or a mature dog?

It totally depends on your choice and how much time and money you’re willing to spend on a dog. For instance, being a puppy owner, you will be required to spend extra time on potty training, obedience training, exercise, and other basic commands in the puppy checklist.

You will need to ensure you’re always following through on training him by rewarding him when he does well. You would also require more patience as the puppy can take more time to grasp a new trick. On the other hand, the older dogs are usually already trained for the house and have basic commands in comparison to puppies.

Do dogs have any special needs?

Some dogs may have specific grooming requirements, like soft-coated wheaten terriers, which need to be systematically combed and brushed. They will require more in the way of training and patience when it comes time to socialize with other people or pets as they’re growing up.

Other dogs may be more prone to certain medical conditions and require special care and attention to keep them healthy and happy.

How much does a dog cost? Can I afford a dog pet?

The cost to purchase a dog can be expensive, especially when one considers the large amounts of time needed to look after one. How much it costs depends on a range of factors such as the specific breed you have in mind or where you get it from and also how much care your dog will require, such as high-quality food, regular visits to the vet, and so on. 

The cost doesn’t end there, however, as dogs need many things, including training, grooming, boarding, and even identification!

There is an alternative option available for those who cannot afford a dog, however – pet health insurance. It might seem absurd at first, but for just a fraction of the price which would otherwise be used to purchase your dog(s) anyway, there is peace of mind knowing that if anything were to happen during their lifetime, then your pet will still be looked after financially by its insurance provider!

How can I prepare to become a dog owner?

Before you’re about to make a fresh addition, you must talk with all members of your family, so they know that they are responsible for helping take care of the new pet. If you’ve recently moved, you might want to check out the new location to make sure it’s pet-friendly or at least a place where having a dog won’t be deemed an inconvenience by any of your neighbors.

Before bringing your dog home, it is vital to prepare all of the prerequisites or follow a puppy checklist such as milk feeder, water bowls, collar, best safety gear, crates, leashes, dog toys, etc. For better preparation, you can also take help from the best dog books, which include expert knowledge from real-life experience about handling dogs and keeping them happy and healthy.

Bottom line:

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest information on dog breeds, then look no further than Trending Breeds! You can find everything you need to know about the latest dog breeds, including supplies, safety gear, and pet insurance. Plus, there are lots of informative blogs regarding pet dog care and training.

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