How to Crack the Code of Online Business: Luke Krenek

Luke Krenek has had entrepreneurship in his blood since he was a little kid, running lemonade stands and selling Madden coins at school. While scrolling through YouTube looking for other ways to make money, Krenek found out about drop shipping – selling things online without holding inventory – and the rest is history. Krenek shared a couple of his lessons with us about making it in the online business world:

Traditional Paths Are Not Always the Best Ones

After finding out about drop shipping and how lucrative it could be, Krenek (who is just in high school now), started wondering: what would be the point of taking the traditional journey into college? “So right now I’m running dropshipping businesses and doing $30-$50k a month in revenue,” Krenek explained. If you’re pursuing something, don’t hesitate to take a break before pursuing what some see as a more traditional path. If college is for you, venture towards it. But if it’s not? No big deal.

Age Is Just a Number

When you let your age define you, it’s easy to start to limit yourself. If you let your age propel you, you might get places faster. Krenek, a teenager himself, reminded us: “Don’t let anyone tell you what to do in your life. Find a passion and follow it and crush all your dreams and goals.” Put any ego and self-awareness attached to your age away, and keep going.

Do Whatever It Takes

It’s no secret that it takes a certain type of person to succeed in the business world – and that person has an impeccable work ethic and a whole lot of grit. “I have it in me,” Krenek told us. “Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always wanted to win. I hated losing. I will do everything to make sure I am successful even if it seems impossible.” Whatever entrepreneurial venture sparks your fancy, be sure you’re digging deep and tapping into the stores of grit you have. Without them, you won’t make it.

Failure Is Inevitable

It’s impossible to make it down any sort of business path without messing up. It’s important to lean into the failures and use them to make you better and stronger – that’s what makes you successful. “I’ve lost a lot of money doing this. I’ve been scammed, made unsuccessful stores, had hate comments, you name it. But I never gave up. Real entrepreneurs will fight until the end, no matter what, because they love what they are doing even if they aren’t making money.”

From a business standpoint, Krenek is wildly successful at a wildly young age. By taking the path less traveled, refusing to focus on superficial factors like age, doing whatever it takes to make your dreams come true, and not being afraid to fail, following a path like Luke Krenek’s is achievable.

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