How to Crack the Followers Code With Kush Papi

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In the digital age, cracking the social media code is the key to success. From Instagram stories to Snapchat filters, social media has become a business — and a lucrative one. Chicagoan Kush Papi has cracked that code — with 1.3 million Instagram followers and over 50,000 Twitter followers, social media is his job. Kush Papi’s social media career has taken him everywhere from playing in a celebrity basketball game on Floyd Mayweather’s team to being consistently reposted on WorldStar.

Kush Papi shares his keys to success below:

Consistency is Key

You’re not going to build an organic following with sporadic, occasional posts — you’ll build one with a content-rich, consistent body of content.

On Instagram, @kushpapi_ posts every day or two: original, funny memes or videos that promote engagement with calls to action like “caption this” and “drop a comment.”

Don’t Try to Be Like Anybody Else

Oversaturation is real — not the oversaturation of content itself, but the oversaturation of similar content and borrowed content. The key to building an authentic follow? Original content. Be your own person, do your own thing, and the followers will follow.

“I make positive, funny videos for people to be happy,” he said. You’ll find him on Instagram and YouTube cracking a smile with original content that people relate to.

Collaboration Rules

Everyone knows the old adage, “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,” but… it’s true. In a social media space full of influencers, celebrities, and vloggers, it’s much easier to climb the follower ranks when you have a group of people beside you.

As @kushpapi_, he has collaborated with everyone from Jonathan Cheban to The Rock.

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