How to Create a 7-Figure Ecomm Store with Troy Ericson: 9 Little-Known Elements

Every online marketer has heard some crazy success story about an eCommerce store that hit the 7 or 8 figure mark.

But not every marketer knows how to become one of them.

So how can you grab a generous slice of the MULTI-TRILLION dollar eCommerce pie? Troy Ericson reveals 9 tips below:

“The exciting thing is that it’s not too hard to take these hacks I’m going to teach you and use them for yourself or a client…This can make a MASSIVE difference for your eComm store or get you a big raise as a freelancer if you do these things for a client,” says 8-Figure marketing consultant Troy Ericson.

Beyond just significantly boosting your sales as an eComm store owner, Ericson, who’s consulted for online giants like V-Shred, Traffic & Funnels, Rich Schefren, and Josh Snow, and generated around $25MM+ for his clients, says learning these 9 optimization hacks can massively increase your value as a freelancer.

  1. Ads – No matter the ad platform you are using to reach prospects, your creatives (copy + image) should emotionally connect your audience (“emotionally” being the keyword here). Use vibrant colors, and make sure to test multiple variations of your creatives until you find a winner.
  2. Landing page – Your landing page should be clean-looking and feel like a brand (not just another “drop-shipping” company).

These are the elements it MUST include:

Images that clearly show what the product is and that help your prospects understand and get excited about what the product can do for them.

Lots of social proof (testimonials, pictures, article features)

Special sale price (showing original price with strikethrough)

FREE Shipping

Good emotional copy addressing the prospects’ biggest pain points and dreams

Explain what the product is EXACTLY. “Never assume that people know what the product is just by looking at pictures. Always explain what your product is in a simple way so people get it. Because you never know what that vital piece of info is that you might leave out and then they won’t buy,” advises Ericson.

  1. Exit pop to capture leads- You can offer a special discount or a “freebie” in exchange for their name and email address.
  2. Upselling – To increase your AOV (average order value), you should upsell your customers before and after checking out. Before – When they click on the “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons. After – Show them a special upsell page after their initial purchase. IMPORTANT: make sure the upsells make sense and are a natural “next step” in the customer’s journey.
  3. Logos – Have logos from reputable sources under your “Buy Now” button (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, etc.). “Having logos is super important because you don’t want people to feel like they are on some sketchy website,” says Ericson.
  4. Checkout page – Should be simple and clean-looking. Make sure to offer multiple payment options. *Bonus tip to boost sales: Add AfterPay, or any other “Buy Now, Pay Later” option to make it easier for people to buy.
  5. Abandoned Cart – Set up an automatic follow-up for people who filled out the checkout form but didn’t buy.
  6. Surprise discount they can only see on the checkout page – “This encourages customers to go all the way to the end of the checkout process. The further on the go, the more likely they are to check out,” says Ericson.
  7. Automated email sequence – “Creating an email sequence for eComm products isn’t as hard as you think. You just need to use emotional stories, curiosity, current events, emails that seem personal (like, “from me to you” type of thing), and contradictory angles (the opposite of what everyone else is talking about),” advises Ericson. Here’s what your sequence should include:
  8. “Welcome” email (sent immediately after someone buys)
  9. “Reply” email for deliverability purposes (send a simple question and ask your audience to reply).
  10. “Content” email while they are waiting for their order
  11. “Your package will arrive shortly” email
  12. “Testimonials” email to encourage your customers to use and keep the product
  13. “Re-order” email with discount code
  14. “Share your feedback (review)” email.

“If you do these things you can blow up your Ecomm store to 7-Figures or more,” says Ericson. “This is extraordinarily valuable to either your business or your clients’ businesses. If you do these things for your clients, you are going to make them a LOT more money. This is the best way to position yourself as an expert/strategist, instead of just a freelancer and consequently, increase what you charge.”

Ericson currently is a coach for 400+ freelancers and business owners, training them to become email list managers and helping them level up in their careers through his Email Secrets Inner Circle.

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