How to Create and Sustain A Strong Business in An Increasingly Digitized World: Listen to Expert Business Consultant Frank Salas

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the business world into disarray. Nonetheless, the crisis has resulted in the emergence of a plethora of start-ups ready to seize new opportunities and revolutionize the market. Yet even the most talented entrepreneurs struggle to keep track of the ever-changing marketing and management assets designed to unleash the businesses’ full potential. This is exactly where competent business consulting agencies come to the rescue.

In professional consulting, it is not only business expertise that matters, but also a certain way of thinking – structural, systemic, inspirational. This necessitates unconventional approaches to solving business cases as well as a great deal of perseverance, which is characteristic of the select few. 

Having launched a successful entrepreneurial career at the age of 20, Frank Salas made it his life’s mission to serve and enhance the entrepreneurial community as a whole. To that end, he founded Sales Staffing, a Boutique Outsourcing Firm that guides newcomer entrepreneurs to ever-increasing success by providing human capital consulting, and taking full responsibility for the outsourcing processes designed to select ideal employees for any client. 

Frank sat down with us to share the essential tips and tricks for creating and sustaining a successful business in our post-pandemic world. 

Build Your Dream Team

“If you find yourself consistently plateauing — no matter how hard you push — you stay at or near the same level — it’s because you are playing the game without your dream team. You need the RIGHT people with QUANTIFIED and QUALIFIED success that can get you to the next level”, says Frank.

A dream business team cannot exist without cohesion and unity, without a ‘team spirit’ that unites and motivates employees to strive for ever new heights of success. Due to a common misunderstanding of human psychology, incorrect role distribution, and a variety of other factors, not all companies are able to form their dream teams. Hence many choose to outsource customer acquisition processes to competent service providers like Salas Staffing LLC.

Play the Game Globally

“Companies have seen with their own eyes since March 2020 that with today’s technology, it is not only possible to work remotely, but also more financially feasible to do so”, says Frank.

Talented Mr. Salas considers it indispensable for entrepreneurial success to consider job candidates from all over the world, as it gives way to more talent, and has a proven track-record of being a very lucrative approach for any business.

“We specialize in obtaining Fortune 500 personnel from developing countries to assist small and medium-sized companies in scaling without breaking the bank,” adds Frank. Salas Staffing also ensures training for all new candidates and offers its customers a one-year guarantee for its services.

Frank shared some of the most essential strategies that any seasoned manager should bear in mind when managing his team.

Use Digital Clock Systems

“Most workplaces have inefficiencies because employees know they can get away with almost anything in the workplace. In some cases, I would even call it stealing from Employers”, says Frank.

Frank encourages all success-seeking entrepreneurs to monitor their employees’ work ethic.  There are various smart metrics that can be used to boost workplace productivity. Among them Frank lists creating daily, weekly, and even minute-by-minute reporting protocols.  According to Frank, to always be benefiting from such strategies is a cornerstone for boosting productivity and making accurate payments.

Frank recommends installing in-activity monitors to the employees’ time-clock system, as it “automatically clocks out people when they are inactive for 2 minutes”. This, adds Frank, “ensures that employers won’t be paying someone who is not actually working at their station”. 

To delve deeper into the most lucrative business assets, and to share them with the world, Frank wrote 400 Hour Work Week, a book that provides a masterful framework for aspiring entrepreneurs for bringing their business ideas to life.

The Law of Faith

Even the most successful strategy will not ensure success if an entrepreneur fails to harness the right mindset and stay dedicated to the initial cause.

“Figure out how you want to live life, exactly. It’s YOUR LIFE. You have 100% control of it”, says Frank.

Should you wish expert advice on the best employee and customer acquisition techniques out there, as well as strategy development for starting businesses from scratch, or if you need help developing the right mindset, contact Mr. Salas or his Boutique Outsourcing Firm Salas Staffing to benefit from the dedication and expertise he offers aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to true success.

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