How To Create Images With Accurate Text Using Leonardo AI

Creating AI-generated images and videos is a wonderful way to express your creativity. But as powerful as current AI tools are, they still have several major shortfalls. Until recently, nearly all AI image generation tools struggled with inserting accurate text into images.

You would ask the AI tool to create a movie poster for a film called “Earth Invasion” and it would return an image that says “Ethr Invsn.” This problem is quickly becoming a thing of the past thanks to Leonardo AI and its new Phoenix model.

Let’s look at how we can create stunning images with accurate text using Leonardo AI, opening up new possibilities for AI-generated images.

Leonardo AI

For this demonstration, let’s assume we just started a new skiing company and we need to make some ads that showcase our new skis (I used to be a ski bum in case you’re wondering). 

Open up Leonardo AI, launch the app, and set up an account if you haven’t already done so. Leonardo offers a free plan with 150 tokens that reset every 24 hours. Different generation models use different amounts of tokens, but you will always be able to see how many tokens are used before generating your images.

After your account is set up, navigate to “Image Generation” near the top left of the navigation bar on the left side of the app. Once inside the image generation space, you’ll see several setting options on the left sidebar menu.

  • In the top left “Preset” dropdown, select “Leonardo Phoenix.”
  • In the “Prompt Enhance” dropdown, select “Off.” If you set it to “On,” it will allow Leonardo to auto-populate an enhanced prompt for you. This can be useful, but it will likely give you a different result than you originally had in mind. I’d set it to On when you want to explore as many options as possible. 
  • From the “Preset Style” dropdown, you can select any style you’d like, but in my experience, I’ve had the best results with options like Cinematic, Creative, and Dynamic.
  • In the “Contrast” dropdown, you can leave this set to Low. I’ve found that setting it to medium or high can distort, or give you images within images.  
  • Generation mode should be set to Quality – quality over quantity is always a good philosophy in my opinion. 
  • Image Dimensions can be set to whatever you’d like. Today, we’ll set it to 16:9, and we’ll generate 2 images per generation. If you are on a paid plan, I’d recommend generating 4 images at a time. I’ve found that you get better results if you generate more images at once. If you click the “More” button, there are several application-specific image sizes such as for Facebook and Twitter.  
  • Under “Advanced Settings,” make sure it’s also set to “Leonardo Phoenix.”
  • Also under advanced settings, you can toggle the Negative Prompt to On if you are repeatedly getting some type of unwanted element in your images. Then type in the unwanted element in the negative prompts section of the main prompt box. 

This is where the fun begins. Our new ski line is called “Fall Line Skis” and we want to showcase our brand to the world, but we aren’t professional designers. Don’t worry, with a little prompting and Leonardo’s Phoenix model, we’ll be able to create beautiful images with accurate text.

The prompt bar is located in the top middle part of the app. So all we have to do is begin telling Leonardo what we want. There is no single or “best” method for prompting. It might take some trial and error, but a general way we can think about prompting, especially for the Phoenix model, is the following format:

  • Style, type of image or subject, text to be included in quotations, and amplifying information.

Let’s try the following prompt and see what we get:

  • “A retro 1980s advertisement for “Fall Line Skis” featuring bright neon colors and high alpine action.”


The first generation returned one good result and one that wasn’t so good. It’s important to keep in mind that generating these images is a lot of trial and error. If you generate lots of images and you aren’t getting the result you want, try changing the preset style, the prompt, or both. Little tweaks can make a big difference in the generated images.

Happy Prompting!

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