How to Create Your Dream Beauty Brand According to Melody Bockelman

Now more than ever people are dreaming bigger and better. 2020 has caused people to dream about pursuing a new career, a new life change, or something they can change to solve another person’s problem. This was the ideal time for any creator to envision and make their dreams a reality because we have no idea what is right around the corner.

You may have been told that creating your dream brand is too big and can never happen, however, Business Coach and Beauty Brand Expert, Melody Bockelman has shown and lived out the possibility and simplicity of creating her dream brand. Creating your ideal brand does not have to be a daunting and overwhelming task, it should be something that you enjoy and with the right knowledge and training, you can achieve that. 

If you want to start creating your dream brand you need to understand it will not be easy. There will be moments where you will want to quit, but it is important to have your goals and vision of what you want your dream brand to be in your head and why you are passionate about it. Bockelman leverages 16 years of collective experience in both corporate and entrepreneurship to break down 5 career-changing tips to help you create your dream brand by starting with these essentials.

Have a Clear Vision

There is no way that your brand or life can be successful without being clear on the vision and goal of the brand you want to start. Having a clear vision is a priority when developing a company because it allows you and your employees to strive for one goal that falls in line with the company’s vision and mission. “It is important to teach all my clients to put things in order and prioritize because once you determine a vision, the rest will come,” Bockelman says.

It’s Okay to Start Small

One of the most common mistakes new brand owners and entrepreneurs make is that they want to develop their entire brand in one day, which can be extremely overwhelming. The secret to being successful is to be nimble enough to go with the flow and starting small. “For example, if you want to develop a hair care line focused on moisture and growth, start with 2-3 core products and learn to sell those successfully first,” Bockelman advises.  Once your company is more established, you can continue adding more products.

Create and Engage Your Audience

Many aspiring entrepreneurs will see a lack of sales because they pulled the trigger too early without a plan in place that engaged their customers before launching their brand. “Dedicate 6-12 months before your brand launch, to build an email list that includes your logo, brand name, and the product or service you provide to solve a specific problem to engage and continue building your audience,” Bockelman suggests. 

Optimize Your Tasks

It is important for you to focus on your dream brand and create it to the best of your ability. “It is easy to get overwhelmed, so take the time to focus on 2-3 “big” tasks that will make the most impact on your business without being overwhelmed and exhausted,” Bockelman states. The rest are jobs that can either be outsourced or delegated for another day.

Let the Numbers Be Your Guide

Any brand that you are planning on starting, whether it is a beauty or health supplement, is fun and exciting when you are passionate about the niche and market of that industry. However, at the end of the day, it is a business, and businesses require customers and healthy profit margins. “While a fantastic product is a must, it is still important to have a product idea that is viable in the marketplace and will bring in a healthy return on investment back to your company,” Bockelman advises.

These must-have tips will be beneficial for any aspiring entrepreneur or business owner seeking to create the brand of their dreams. It is important to build your dream brand step-by-step and remain passionate about why you are creating your brand. To learn more about creating your brand contact Melody Bockelman by visiting her website at

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