How to Deal with The End of a Relationship

A break-up can be tough no matter what the situation is. Each person feels different when they’re going through a break-up. Whether it’s feeling sad, angry, happy, guilty or let down, it’s okay to feel any emotion that arises after a break up. While clean breaks can, and do happen, sometimes they’re not, and we can be left with unresolved feelings.

Whether it’s with a romantic partner, business partner, family member, friend, boss or teammate, the end of any relationship is hard. But even harder than that is what can come afterward. 

 When you are left with hurt, anger, grief, frustration, and several other feelings how do you cope? How do you move forward? How can you begin to resume a normal life and start to feel happy again? Many people refer to the old adage ‘time heals all wounds’. This is certainly applicable to dealing with the end of a relationship.

In the moment it may feel like you will never heal, but it truly does get easier with time. During that time though, you need to prioritise looking after yourself and there are things that you can do to make it easier to handle. One of those things is to work with a relationship expert.

 Francesco Salomoni is an Italian tarot reader and spiritual advisor based in New York City. The Tarot of New York is a skilled psychic, and is many people’s first stop for advice on life, love, career and, of course, relationships. “Over the past few years it has been my mission to help people during uncertain times, and to gain clarity on important life events,” says Francesco. “I use my trusted tarot cards to read the energy and to see how things are going to develop and how to make them better.”

Receiving his first tarot deck at the age of 12, and using over the years to find answers to difficult situations in his own life, Francesco soon started doing so for others. Noticing how helpful it was, his life’s mission soon became clear.

Francesco now has clients in four continents, and offers sessions via phone, video, or in person. He is also the host of Ask Francesco, a podcast where he answers questions and offers mini tarot readings to guests.

“One of the main issues I receive calls about, particularly during this time, is difficulty with distance relationships, and especially with overcoming the end of a relationship,” Francesco says. During sessions, Francesco works with his clients to uncover the real causes of their problems, the energy and how it is evolving. “Most especially we can find out if it is worth hanging on to, or if it is better to move on and how to do it,” he says.

Booked out for weeks in advance, both for private consultations and to appear on his podcast, Francesco is committed to doing his best to help as many people as possible. If you feel Francesco is someone who can help you overcome this difficult time in your life, you can book in a consultation with him here, or start listening to the Ask Francesco podcast here.

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