How to Design Your Ideal Money Space

During COVID-19, many of our workspaces were shifted into our homes and those workspaces have had to become classrooms, summer camps, and so much more. With this transition, we had to learn how to embrace change and try to transform our home office into a proper command center.

How many times have you been on a Zoom call and took a slight peek at your CEOs background and immediately turned your face up? They were sitting in front of clutter, unorganized background, and horrible lighting. Well, we sat down with luxury interior designer and Certified True Color Expert, Nikki Klugh, as she shared with us 5 tips on how to transform your mundane home office into your ideal Money Space.

What is a Money Space you ask? Money spaces were created six years ago as a “give back” to entrepreneurs who were looking to update their home office into a space that energetically engages them and influences their work ethic. But, as we have shifted into our new normal and started transitioning away from traditional; buildings, corporations, etc, Nikki Klugh has extended her Money Space advice to anyone creating a space that will reflect their power, position, and where they are trying to go. 

Your Money Space should operate as your ultimate and profitable self; helping you overcome procrastination, workflow interruption and unhappiness about your workspace. Whether you are transforming your actual office, living room, or kitchen into your top-earning Money Space, following these tips should set you in the right direction. If you don’t trust us, read the reviews to see people raving about the transformation they were able to create with the assistance of Nikki Klugh and her Money Space Challenge. 

Define your BIG WHY.

This is the very reason why you wake up every morning and do the things you do. Your why is your driving force and the very thing that makes you cry when you think about it. You can start by asking yourself, What is pulling me into my future self? Why do I do what I do? Once you can define this for yourself, consider developing your own Why Wall. The “why wall” should be in your line of sight and include pictures or phrases to help make your future tangible and help you move to the next level.  

Choose your Power Position.

Your power position is the area in your home that instantaneously inspires you to be productive, focused, efficient, and profitable. It should give you a sense of control and command an advantageous position. This space should be furthest away from the door, facing the door, and not directly in front of the window. 

Design to your senses.

From our sense of smell to our sense of spatial awareness, we amplify just how we experience the world through our senses. Your sensory influence has been proven to benefit your space when you design with intentions to create a whole new world and sanctuary. 

Understand the Power of Color.

Choose a power commanding color scheme that inspires what you need from your Money Space. Maybe you need to focus more, be more productive, how about be more creative? It all comes down to the color choices we make for our space . The psychological and physiological effects of color will transform your Money Space because of the very meaning we assign to color. This can also bring balance and support to your Money Space. 

Determine your Design Style.

After you establish a list of your Money Space needs, search for a design style that supports your needs and speak to you. This should be reflective of your personal style. Are you eclectic? Minimal? Beach Chic? Traditional? Spend time flipping through magazines, Instagram or Pinterest finding a style perfect for you and your Money Space. 

Finally, start decorating! After applying these tips you should intuitively know the essentials for your new money making command center: from the desk you want to the very stapler you are going to use to seal those major contracts together.

If you want to learn more about transforming your Money Space and embark on a journey to change the way you interact with the space around you, join Nikki Klugh on Facebook in her 5 Day Create My Money Space Challenge page or visit

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