How To Detach Yourself From Social Media Trolling? Tyler River Has the Answers

When you are a social personality you are bound to get different comments from different people. Some people are true supporters and help you to be better, while others are just trying to pull you down. During his run as a social media star, Tyler River has faced both situations.

Tyler River started his journey as an influencer quite early with the video-sharing platform Vines. In fact, his work even impressed Taylor Swift, who had reposted his video. After a successful stint on the platform, he started off as a performer and created many peppy numbers, including his latest release, Hookiviri Remix of the Remix and which also features Citoon the beat, Favo, and Cristion D’or.

Check out the song right here:


During his journey, he has faced some troubles with social media trolls and he has discovered few ways to deal with the negativity.

Tyler feels that the best answer to trolls is no answer at all. It is important that you keep your eyes on the prize and work on improving yourself. Some people just want to get a rise out of others to battle their own insecurities. He follows the same on his Instagram account, @tyler_river.

However, the performer feels, that you must know the difference between trolling and constructive criticism. Don’t lash out at people who are trying to help you out as an artist.

So, whenever you are facing trolling on social media, try to detach yourself from the situation and observe like a third person, says Tyler River.

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