How to Double Your Instagram Follower Count in 2022

Discover the Instagram marketing and growth methods that are working best in 2022.

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With more than a billion monthly users, an intricate algorithm, and an extensive variety of creative and clever accounts, Instagram is a highly competitive platform for users looking to grow their accounts.

As with more businesses and brands focused on growing their IG audience and ensuring engagement will result in a successful campaign, we are seeing brands and accounts of all sizes get in on the action. Your social media success can be affected by the number of followers, but only if you are following the latest marketing methods and content creation methods that have been proven to work time and time again.

Social media engagement is a clear sign that your content is engaging. It is hard to keep up with Instagram’s features, including automatic posting and fantastic filters.

It is well worth checking out Instagram if you wish to increase your follow-up and reach. As you gain followers on Instagram, you are likely to expand the reach of your audience, which will help you gain more popularity.

If you follow these strategies, you may increase your Instagram account now rather than before.

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1. Optimize Your IG Profile.

It is important to design your Instagram profile professionally. For what purpose do you want people to follow you? If you are considering following you, you should describe what you do.

Ensure that the first part of your business name is used as your business’s username to make it easier for people searching for your company to find you.

To take full advantage of Instagram’s potential, it is vital to build a profile that attracts the attention of your targeted audience members.

If you’d like to learn more about how to create a new profile from scratch and making it perfect from day one, review this getting started on IG guide.

2. Make Your Captions Engaging.

Your captions are a vital component of your post, so it would be unfair to consider them a mere afterthought.

The number of potential viewers for your daily posts will be enormous, and there will be a major amount of competition.

Your brand will be humanized, you’ll gain followers, and your content will be more shareable with the proper captions.

Your brand’s personality can’t be expressed through photos in the same way that it can through Instagram captions. Your audience can be engaged as well by including captions in your content.

3. Benefit from Instagram Reels

Promote your Instagram Reels if you want your brand or business to be more recognized!

Earlier this year, Instagram launched its new video feature reels, including short video clips set to music.

There is no room for it in the main navigation bar. As Instagram has chosen to feature Reels prominently, users will be encouraged to browse and share them more often.

Instagram profiles have separate reel tabs. You can expand your following beyond your followers by sharing your reel on the Explore Page and your Facebook feed.

This is also something many of the top influencers on Instagram are taking advantage of, while also releasing new content through Reels daily.

4. Original Content is Essential

Keeping your authenticity on Instagram will help you grow even faster – and predict even faster growth in the future.

To reach more people, you need to create shareable, authentic content. It’s easy to find and share content on Instagram. You can share feed posts with direct messages and Instagram Stories.

Thanks to Instagram’s algorithm, your post will appear higher in their feeds when someone shares your post. If a post receives enough engagement, it can even make its way to the Explore Page.

5. Go Live on Instagram

Utilizing Instagram Live is one of the best ways to engage users on Instagram – and video is the future of Instagram.

Instagram Live allows you to watch and participate in live video streams – which means you can receive comments and feedback from your followers in real-time.

Users of Instagram can engage in real-time communication with their followers via the Live feature. Utilizing hashtags to promote your content to more people is a great way to gain new followers.

Final Thoughts on Growing Your Audience on Instagram in 2022 and Beyond

You enhanced your chances of developing a special relationship with your customers when you grew your reach. Most marketing professionals choose simple methods to increase their Instagram followers.

Since Instagram’s algorithm frequently ignores good wage users and exchanges, such solutions rarely work. To create a successful Instagram campaign, your content needs to be creative, and you need to target the right audience and promote it well.

You can get more Instagram followers if you follow the right strategies and techniques, even if it seems impossible.

If you enjoyed the content in this article today, be sure to read through some of our other social media reference guides on getting more social likes and examples of big brands on social media that are using influencer marketing. Also be sure to check out the main page of the site, as new content is being added daily.


Written by Kristel Staci

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