How to Enjoy the Engagement Ring Shopping Experience

While we believe an engagement ring is a symbol of the promise of love, we all also desire to wear an engagement ring that is greatly admired by all. Now, you have been with this man for a while and have gotten a lot closer. He also seems ready to take the next step – getting engaged. But of course, you do not want to seem too pushy or force your man into getting the engagement ring for you. 


It does not have to be that hard! All that is needed is a subtle nudge in the right direction. Let him know the kind of ring you want him to surprise you with, by allowing social media to guide him to take that next step. Go ahead and save a collection of jewelry images. Show him your dream engagement ring so that, he can know your preference. If you are comfortable going to jewelry stores with him, it is also a great idea. Leave clues for him pointing out the type of engagement ring you want, and you might just get that engagement ring sooner than you expected. This list by Petra Gems of best places to buy diamonds online could also be helpful in case in-person shopping is restricted due to Covid-19. 


Now, you are looking forward to that magical moment when you are proposed to by the love of your life. That moment when time seemingly stands still, as he brings out the engagement ring and the mind-blowing question is popped with the expectation of a joyful answer. There is just this rush of feelings and outburst of emotions as the engagement ring is put on your finger. Well, every bride-to-be treasure such a moment.

For a woman with a simpler lifestyle, you can always rock a thin engagement ring band. Square princess cut, heart-shaped diamonds are more vulnerable to chips and breaks and they might need the protection of prong settings. But, if you’re concerned that your lifestyle might put your delicate diamond ring at risk, engagement ring sets with round diamond or shapes without hard corners is a good option. When you want to do some cleaning and house chores, consider using protective gloves.


Even at your workplace, the right engagement ring can boost your image and increase your workflow. If you have an affluent professional image, an elegant ring design with a large center gemstone or elegant diamond shape would be a great choice. But, if your work involves stealth and discretion, you can opt for a ring band with multiple, smaller gemstones. You can also consider engagement ring settings such as the palladium set, or bezel set if you must do a lot with your hands at work. This way, you do not have to constantly take your ring off at work. 


For those who love traveling, think about an engagement ring that makes you feel secure wherever you are. During your relaxation times, like when you go to the beachside or swimming, you might want to consider an engagement ring with low maintenance settings. Since you are hard on jewelry, you do not want to lose your precious ring.


If you are the type that loves to keep your jewelry on at the gym, go for an engagement ring that can withstand the demands and pressure of the gym. Just like all jewelry, diamonds are not entirely unbreakable, and you do not want to damage your ring band. Even if you do not want to sacrifice the ring’s beauty or your style, consider getting a sturdy ring with a durable setting that will protect your diamond.


Although most women are quite obsessed with getting the perfect, flawless diamond engagement ring, it is always advisable to give a little more thought about your engagement ring. You are literally going to wear your ring for the rest of your life so, the last thing you want- is to have an engagement ring that interferes with your lifestyle and daily activities. Your engagement ring should be one that complements your lifestyle. You should be able to wear it comfortably both at work and in social situations.


Every engagement ring is unique to the wearer and it is a personal piece of jewelry that is deeply treasured. There are a variety of engagement rings; there are platinum, gold, palladium, diamond, colored gemstones. Some other engagement ring styles include- solitaire, pave, halo, split-shank, bezel, eternity, tension, channel, and others. But it is important to get the one that fits your day-to-day lifestyle. While some women love engagement rings for their beauty and styles, most women focus on their functionality. For instance, engagement rings design with pave and tension settings are highly attractive. However, they are not the best option for activewear as they are more vulnerable to chips, breakages, and dislodgements. Women with active lifestyles will need to be extra careful while wearing this engagement ring design.


Well, you do not have to worry much as there is an engagement ring set for every woman regardless of your lifestyle. Engagement rings with platinum settings are usually the most durable although, more expensive than others. They are the best for women who love to live their lives to the fullest. If you have an active lifestyle, consider an engagement ring with a bezel setting. The bezel setting creates a halo of metal around a solitaire diamond and serves as a shield to protect your diamond. A thicker engagement ring band is less susceptible to wear and tear which makes it very suitable for women with active lifestyles.


As good as choosing a ring based on lifestyle is, the truth remains that people are different, and not everyone would select their engagement ring set based on lifestyle. Some women just go for their dream engagement ring without many considerations. They simply adjust their lifestyle and habits to accommodate their engagement ring design. When it comes to anything that might even slightly affect their engagement ring adversely, these women would rather just take their rings off. They remove their rings before heavy activities that require a lot to do with the hands during the day and before sleep at night. 


Most women get used to keeping their engagement ring on, while some decide to take it off in certain situations. The most important thing is that you choose the best engagement ring that is exceptionally beautiful, durable, and suits your lifestyle perfectly. Enjoy rocking your engagement ring!



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