How to Examine Your Instagram Competitors

Competitive analysis is a way to research and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. It will include the company strategies, marketing objectives, and analysis of the products. Social Media is the new buzzword, and when it comes to marketing through Instagram, competitor account analysis is a must to improve your marketing strategy. 

Analysis of the Instagram competitors helps you get insights about the time to post, what type of content is in trend, and how to reach the target audience.

Analyzing competitor brands on Instagram helps to enhance your Instagram marketing strategy and win the game. It also enables you to have a better engagement. It helps you to figure out the competitors’ engagement, hashtag strategy, and content performance.

Need for competition analysis on Instagram:

Before knowing how to analyze the competition, it must be clear as to why this is important.  

You can evaluate and enhance your performance metrics:

Through analysis of the Instagram activity of your competitor brands, you can get to set your perspective correct. You will analyze the content that is mainly accepted by the audience, set benchmarks for yourself, know about the resources available on Instagram, search for various performance indicators, and look for the best time to post.

Helps you in content creation

Instagram is the most sought-after social media portal. However, generating regular content is a difficult task. At times the portal feels saturated. There needs to be a robust strategy when it comes to the generation of content. It must be relevant to the target audience. Analyzing the content of your competitors will help you get ideas about new content creation. 

Analyzing Instagram accounts of competitor brands is cost-effective

Analysis of competitive brands can get difficult, so at times people outsource it to agencies. It may be a costly affair if you do so. Analysis of competition through online tools can be easy on the pockets. A lot of social media analytical tools are available that can ease out your job.  

How to do a competitor analysis?

Doing an Instagram competitor analysis involves a few steps:

1. Identify your competitors

The first thing is to identify the competition that you wish to analyze. It will determine the kind of insights you need. You may include a group of competitors to get perfect insights. You can choose the competitors that are more active on Instagram to know their strategies. You may use the strategies of the industry leaders and change your marketing strategy accordingly.

2. Follow trending hashtags

You can find the competitors you wish to analyze through relevant hashtags. Then, you may further use these relevant hashtags to improve the reach of your content.

3. Collect relevant data about competitors

To analyze the competitor’s performance, you need to know about their content, engagement, followers, and hashtags. Follower count gives you a measure about their fan base. Getting followers on Instagram has become a trend to gain initial success. Getting Instagram followers generates trust amongst the people who see the fan base and engagement.

You must also analyze the content performance and plan your strategy accordingly. You must figure out the number of posts, posting time, and competitor posts’ engagement rate. The total number of posts and the frequency of posting will help you analyze and evaluate your strategy.

4. Check for engagement

Figuring out the kind of engagement that a competitor brand has will help you figure out your marketing strategy. The impressions define the engagement rate on each post and the audience’s actions on each post.

5. Check for Hashtags

Hashtags are being widely used on Instagram. A lot of brands use them to boost the organic reach of their content. You must analyze the hashtag strategy of your competition and be watchful about the kind of hashtags they use in the post, any specific hashtags being used for particular content, and using these hashtags further in your posts. 

6. Generate a report

Now that you have a lot of data to analyze about the competition, you need to put all this together in the form of a report. A lot of data analysis tools are available that can help you generate these reports. The tools are easy-to-use and can help you generate graphs and charts in your report.

Generate your Marketing strategy:

After doing a competitor analysis on Instagram, you can decide on your Instagram marketing strategy and gain more fan following. Posting content on a regular basis is the key to gaining organic followers and spiking up the page’s popularity quickly. Becoming Instagram famous can be challenging, but you can climb the ladder quickly by posting a minimum of one piece of content daily.

Once you reach the targeted followers, then you can decrease the frequency of posting content. Still, until you are struggling to gain popularity and become famous, you must ensure that you post relatable content consistently. Posting regularly is directly proportional to getting higher engagement, and soon you can become the top content creator with many followers.

A profile is like the first impression you set in front of people. No one will like to see an old or fake profile. A unique profile is synonymous with carrying yourself with poise. It helps people know about your account, the kind of posts you will put forward, and defines your style. People always tend to explore the real side of you, so the profile needs to be both expressive and impressive.

Try and use your photo so that people can relate to you personally. Mostly the people who visit your profile are non-followers. If your Bio and profile are convincing enough, they too become your trusted and genuine followers. If your profile is unclear, incomplete, or does not appeal to them, people will not follow your account.

Content is the key to reaching the desired goals. You must always plan and keep a calendar ready to know about all that you need to post. You can mark all the important dates, events, and celebrations happening for the month in the calendar. When you prepare your content beforehand, you feel confident as you have ample time to correct any glitch. It is one of the smartest moves to plan and relax.


You need to be real if you wish to last long and create deep-rooted connections. Honesty and passion are the driving forces always. Being transparent and open about what you do will help you connect better with your audience.

One reliable connection is much better than fake followers, who will only diminish your account’s reputation. Trusted followers will always result in long-term partnerships and are more likely to engage with your brand. You may decide on all these strategies, buy Instagram followers, and analyze the competitors to rule the world of Instagram.

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