How to Find Success in the Knowledge Economy

As Sir Francis Bacon famously wrote, “knowledge itself is power.” But for creators in today’s knowledge economy, knowledge is also money. And for some Kajabi users, it’s big money.

Take for example pharmacogenomics expert Dr. Jamie Wilkey, a retail pharmacist by trade. The pandemic kicked-started a period of introspection about her career and what she really wanted to do. Dr. Wilkey realized a career in personalized medicine was the prescription the doctor needed. She told the pharmacy goodbye and went all-in as a pharmacogenomics consultant.

“I worked in a dead-end retail pharmacy job for more than 10 years,” said Dr. Wilkey. “After my workplace conditions worsened, I decided to make a big career change. I became a consultant pharmacist in my community who focuses on personalized medicine.”

Dr. Wilkey’s knowledge is in demand

Before long other pharmacists learned about the positive impact Dr. Wilkey was making in her community. And they wanted to know how they could do it too. 

“There came a point where I was spending more time teaching pharmacists than helping patients,” added Dr. Wilkey. “So I needed to find a solution whereby I could share my knowledge without losing the time I needed for patient consultations. That’s when I found Kajabi.”

Now Dr. Wilkey teaches other pharmacists how to do what she is doing, without it being a full-time endeavor. To date, she has shown 150+ pharmacists how to create either their own side hustle for extra income or a full-blown new career. And sharing her knowledge has some financial benefits as well. Dr. Wilkey has earned an extra $230,000 in less than a year with her new course. 

“I’m over the moon about what I teach and that it has so much interest,” said Dr. Wilkey. “This is my first business. And as a female solopreneur in healthcare with zero prior business education or experience, its success has been especially exciting for me. I am so happy that I took the leap.”   

Currently, there are more than 310,000 pharmacists in the United States. Many are burned out and worried about their career futures. Thanks to positions being eliminated entirely by online prescription services, wages are decreasing wages and job uncertainty is increasing. Pharmacists are looking for ways to future-proof their careers. As such, Dr. Wilkey’s PGX Consulting  Confidence Academy has been a welcome beacon in a sea of uncertainty.

The million-dollar ideas

At first glance, success like Dr. Wilkey’s might seem out of the ordinary. However, according to Kajabi CEO Ahad Khan, there are endless opportunities for success in the knowledge economy. All that it takes is the right idea and a little elbow grease.

“It’s easier now than ever before to find success as a knowledge entrepreneur,” said Kajabi CEO Ahad Khan. “Anyone with knowledge has something of value. You just have to package that knowledge into a format that can help others gain that knowledge as well.”

When asked about other success stories, the list seemed almost endless. Ideas ranged from courses on how to make a chicken pot pie all the way through to gymnastics pointers, tips on producing music and sleep training for children.

But one of the undisputed earning champions is Dominique Broadway, whose Finances Demystified personal finance courses help bring clarity to everyday money management. Dominique started with Kajabi in August of 2020 and closed out 2021 with more than $8.5 million in earnings. She has since reached the $10 million dollar threshold. 

“I launched my first course on Kajabi in August of 2020,” said Dominique. “Initially, I was just hoping to get 20 students. But we more than doubled that, and then it just kept building from there. Within the first five months, I did a little over $800,000. Then in January of 2021, I had my first $1 million month.”

It’s important to note that it isn’t about making millions for Dominique. Her mission has always been to help people who normally don’t have access to a financial adviser to help them get ahead. She has helped more than 8,000 people to date. More proof that when your heart is in the right place, everything else falls into place.

“The old way of thinking was that it takes money to make money,” said Khan. “But now we know that a little knowledge can be far more valuable than any other asset.”

Enneagram teachers Beth and Jeff McCord are another great example of Ahad Khan’s words in action. They are the founders of Your Enneagram Coach, where they offer courses, coaching and community to help people discover their best selves using the tool of the Enneagram through the lens of faith. Their teaching guides individuals, couples, and groups to self-awareness and life-enhancing growth. It’s a calling that has helped the couple build quite a following.

Your Enneagram Coach has generated $6.5 million in sales since April 2016, employing nearly 30 staff members, and funding a non-profit that seeks to create economic opportunities for people of color — all while helping millions of people experience growth using the Enneagram from a faith-based perspective.

For those wondering if they should jump into the knowledge economy, Beth McCord has the following advice.

“If you’re passionate about something and have knowledge that you know will be helpful to others, don’t wait,” she said. “Today is the day to start. Then remain committed and consistent and success will follow.”

Jamie Sears, a third-grade teacher turned “teacher of teachers,” has also amassed quite a following. The value of her knowledge has grown to nearly $1.5 million since March of 2019. Who knew providing curriculum and professional development for elementary educators could bring such a financial windfall?

Now is the perfect time to join the knowledge economy  

Now is the best time to start making 2022 the year you see what your knowledge is worth. Kajabi is offering a 14-day free trial of its platform, so you can give it a test drive without any risk.

In addition to the technology, participants also get step-by-step video training that walks them through building their business from the ground up, exclusive bonus content with strategy and insights from successful Kajabi Heroes, Webinar check-ins with the Kajabi team and a peer group of entrepreneurs who are also building their businesses.

“Now is the perfect time to join the other successful knowledge economy creators,” said Khan. “Last year’s participants have collectively generated over $7 million in sales, with some individuals hitting the $10K or even $50K mark in a matter of weeks.”

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